Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory

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Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory, belongs to SINZEN Group Corporation, she dedicates to R&D, production and service of grand packings, joint sheets, industrial gaskets and sealing machines etc.
As a professional Manufacturer and Exporter, we can offer you a widely range of sealing raw materials and products, swift computerized quotation, ample finished goods inventory, and efficient customer service …

Main Products as follows:
Compression Packing
PTFE packing, Kevlar fiber packing, Graphite packing, Carbon fiber Packing, Synthetic fiber packing, Mineral fiber packing etc.
Joint Sheet
Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Graphite sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork Rubber, Mica sheet, Beater sheet, Asbestos sheet and so on
Industrial Gasket
Graphite gasket, Double jacketed gasket, Auto gasket, Spiral wound gasket, Kammprofile gasket, Corrugated metal gasket, Ring joint gasket, Metal O-ring, PTFE Envelope gasket, Insulating sets and expanded PTFE tape, Braided graphite tube, Rubber rope etc.
Sealing Machine
Packing tools, Packing cutter, Gasket cutter, SWG winding machine, bending machine, Groover, Angling machine, Double jacketed machine, Gasket cutting machine, Puncher, Calender, Braider and so on.
Raw Material
PTFE yarn, GFO yarn, Graphite yarn, Carbon yarn, kevlar yarn, Silicon rope etc.
SS tape, Graphite tape, PTFE tape, Metal bending strip, Metal Kammprofile strip, tanged SS sheet
High Strength Fasteners
Full Thread Bolt, Double End thread Bolt, Nut, washers etc. 

Contact. Martin Chan
Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory
Zonghan Industrial Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China 315301
Tel. 0086-574-63392037
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Spiral Wound Gasket   Metal Jacketed Gasket   Ring Joint Gasket  PTFE Enveloped Gasket  Graphite Gasket 

Corrugated Gasket  Kammprofile Gasket  Rubber Gasket  Asbestos Gasket  Non-Asbestos Gasket  Other


Expanded Graphite Packing   Reinforced Graphite Packing  Improved Graphite Packing  Graphite Ring 

Carbonized Fiber Packing  Carbon Fiber Packing  Kevlar Fiber Packing   Kevlar Fiber + PTFE Packing  

Kevlar + Graphite PTFE Packing   Nomex Fiber Packing    Pure PTFE Packing   Sintered PTFE Packing 

Graphite PTFE Packing Sintered Graphite PTFE Packing Ramie Fiber Packing  Ramie + Graphite Packing

Cotton Packing with oil Cotton Packing with graphite & oil/PTFE impregnation  Pan Fiber Packing 

Polyimide Fiber Packing  Glass Fiber Packing  Asbestos Packing Ceramic Fiber Packing  Other Packing


Expanded Graphite Sheet Non-Asbestos Sheet Oil-Resisting Non-Asbestos Sheet Non-Asbestos Beater Sheet

PTFE Sheet  Mica Sheet  Ceramic Fiber Paper Mineral Wool Board Glass Fiber Sheet Rubber Sheet Cork Sheet

Asbestos Beater Sheet  Asbestos Rubber Sheet Oil-Resisting Asbestos Rubber Sheet  Other Gasket Sheet


Expanded Graphite Yarn  Expanded Graphite Tape  Expanded Graphite Tube  Braided Graphite Tape

Braided Graphite Cloth Expanded PTFE Tape   Expanded PTFE Round Cord  PTFE Thread Sealing Tape

PTFE Skived Film Braided Glass Fiber Tape  Braided Glass Fiber Cloth  Braided Ceramic Fiber Tape 

Braided Ceramic Fiber Cloth  Braided Carbon Fiber Tape  Braided Carbon Fiber Cloth  Asbestos Tape 

Braided Asbestos Cloth  Other


 Sealing Tools  Machines for SWG  Machines for Cutting Gasket  Machines for Braided Packing 

Sealing Machine Production Lines   Machines for making full thread bolt

High Strength Fasteners

Full Thread Bolt    Double End Stud Bolt   Nut   Washers