Planning Commission

Martin Marshall                       Term Ends 12-31-2018
Vacant                                   Term Ends 12-31-2018
Bill Kelso                                Term Ends 12-31-2019
Brian Doremus                        Term Ends 12-31-2019
Fran Hanney                           Term Ends 12-31-2020
Eric Tielemans                        Term Ends 12-31-2020
Joann Moyer                           Term Ends 12-31-2021
Hubert Brewster                      Term Ends 12-31-2021
Gerald Shea                            Term Ends 12-31-2021

Marybeth Cody, Recording Secretary
Jon Lesher, MCPC Planning Consultant

Duties of the Planning Commission Member
The Planning Commission consists of nine residents who serve the township on a voluntary basis appointed by the Board of Supervisors for four-year terms which expire at staggered intervals. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to serve in an advisory capacity to review subdivision and land development plans and makes recommendations regarding approval to the Board of Supervisors. The zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development ordinance, regional comprehensive plan and the open space plan are used as standards and guidelines in making these recommendations. It also advises the Board of Supervisors on planning issues and suggested amendments or revisions to the aforementioned ordinances, plans, and official map. 

Planning Commission Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
January 26, 2012 PC Minutes 
February 23, 2012 PC Minutes 
March 22, 2012 PC Minutes 
April 26, 2012 PC Minutes 
May 24, 2012 PC Minutes 
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2018 Planning Commissions Meeting Dates

   Thursday, January 25
   Thursday, February 22
   Thursday, March 22
   Thursday, April 26
   Thursday, May 24
   Thursday, June 28
   Thursday, July 26
   Thursday, August 23
   Thursday, September 27
   Thursday, October 25
   Thursday, November 15
   Thursday December 20