Park and Recreation

Edgar Kadel                         Term Exp 12-31-2020     
Bill Ritting                           Term Exp 12-31-2021
Burt Shive                           Term Exp 12-31-2022
Donald Orcutt                      Term Exp 12-31-2022
Edward Klavon                     Term Exp 12-31-2019
John Wood                           Term Exp 12-31-2018
Brian Doremus                     Term Exp 12-31-2018
Timothy Leach, Alternate       Term Exp 12-31-2018

Duties of a Park and Recreation Board Member

The members of this advisory Board serve a five-year term.  Recommendations are passed on to the Board of Supervisors concerning park and recreation facilities, activities, and purchases.

2018 Meeting Dates

Wednesday, February 7
Wednesday, April 4
Wednesday,June 6
Wednesday,August 1
Wednesday,October 3
Wednesday,December 5
Park and Recreation Board meets bi-monthly the 1st Wednesday starting in February.