LEA Apparel

Once again, the LEA is offering an opportunity for you to purchase apparel to proudly support OUR union in the workplace and in the community.

A recent article stated that part of the reason unions have become dinosaurs is due to them not being seen. People have shied away from wearing their unions' colors and logos out in the community to show their support and solidarity. Be a part of changing this and purchase some LEA swag to PROUDLY wear when you're out on the town.

People are able to shop until 11:59pm on Monday, May 15th, 2019 and items will be delivered to your building before winter break. All orders and payment transactions are done through the website and will be delivered to your building once they are complete. Click here to begin shopping.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Dani Hagen at (716) 310-3708 or DaniSports14@gmail.com.