Executive Committee

The officers of the LEA consist of a President, Executive Vice President, First Vice President, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as the immediate Past President, for one year following the last term in office in the event that the Past President remains as an active member of the LEA.

For the purpose of representation on the Executive Committee, any unit, building, or teaching assistants in which ten (10) or more LEA members are assigned shall be considered a unit. Each unit shall be entitled to one representative. Each unit, building or teaching assistants will then have an additional representative for every twenty members. Additional units to representation on the Executive Committee are those made up of personnel regularly assigned for the following categories.

Each unit will be allowed one (1) representative for the following categories:

= nurses

= elementary teachers of art, music, library, and physical education

= speech therapists, occupational therapists/assistants, psychologists, and CSE chairpersons

Any building with fewer than ten (10) assigned members will be coupled with another building and considered a unit, entitled to representation on the Executive Committee.

Member Map for Building Representatives

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