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LEA members are able and encouraged to borrow any of the educational resources that are housed in the LEA Office. If you're an LEA member and would like to borrow any of the resources listed below, please contact the LEA President, Dave Lowrey.
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TitleAuthor(s)Link (if available)
Teacher's Desk Reference and Critical Thinking Guide   
Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers Alberto, Paul / Troutman, Anne Online Overview 
Creating Quality Schools American Association of School Administrators Online Overview 
AFT 83rd Convention Report American Federation of Teachers (AFT)  
How's it Going? Anderson, Carl Online Overview 
Teaching Smarter with the Brain in Focus Armstrong, Sarah  
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom Armstrong, Thomas Online Overview 
Love & Power: Parent and Child Austin, Glenn Online Overview 
Driven by Data Babrick-Santoyo, Paul Online Overview 
Improving Schools from Within Barth, Roland Online Overview 
New Teacher Induction Breaux, Annette / Wong, Harry Online Overview 
Succeeding with Difficult Students Workbook Canter, Lee Online Overview 
Assertive Discipline Canter, Lee / Canter, Marlene Online Preview 
Succeeding with Difficult Students Canter, Lee / Canter, Marlene Online Preview 
Enhancing Self-Esteem Carlock, C. Jesse Online Preview 
Creating Dynamic Schools through Mentoring, Coaching, and Collaboration Carr, Judy / Herman, Nancy / Harris, Douglas Online Preview 
Teacher's Guide: Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing Claggett, Fran / Reid, Louann / Vinz, Ruth Online Overview 
Teacher's Guide: Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing Claggett, Fran / Reid, Louann / Vinz, Ruth Online Overview 
Better Answers Cole, Ardith Online Overview 
Literacy: Helping Children Construct Meaning Cooper, J. David Online Overview 
Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, The Cottrell, David / Lucia, Alexander Online Overview 
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The Covey, Sean Online Preview 
7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Covey, Stephen Online Preview 
Discipline with Dignity Curwin, Richard / Mendler, Allen Online Overview 
Enhancing Professional Practice Danielson, Charlotte Online Preview 
Failing Schools: The Cause and the Cure Deeb, M. Daniel  
Critical Thinking Guide for New York Board of Regents Exam Educational Tools, Inc. Online Overview 
Inspiring the Best in Students Erwin, Jonathan Online Preview 
Classroom of Choice, The Erwin, Jonathan Online Preview 
School Law: Third Edition Essex, Nathan  
Why Your Child is Hyperactive Feingold, Ben Online Overview 
Developing Character in Students Fitch Vincent, Philip Online Overview 
Brain Compatible Classrooms Fogarty, Robin Online Preview 
Problem Based Learning: A Collection of Articles Fogarty, Robin Online Overview 
Problem-based Learning & other Curriculum Models for the Multiple Intelligences Fogarty, Robin Online Overview 
From Staff Room to Classroom Fogarty, Robin / Pete, Brian Online Preview 
Productive Group Work Frey, Nancy / Fisher, Douglas / Everlove, Sandi Online Preview 
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Fulghum, Robert Online Preview 
Raising Children in a Socially Toxic Environment Garbarino, James Online Overview 
Lost Boys Garbarino, James Online Preview 
Good Behavior Garber, Stephen / Daniels Garber, Marianne / Freedman Spizman, Robyn Online Preview 
Quality School, The Glasser, William Online Preview 
Quality School Teacher, The Glasser, William Online Preview 
Writing: Teachers & Children at Work Graves, Donald Online Overview 
Mastery Teaching Hunter, Madeline Online Overview 
Turning Points 2000 Jackson, Anthony / Davis, Gayle Online Overview 
Teaching with the Brain in Mind Jensen, Eric Online Overview 
Creative Controversy Johnson, David / Johnson, Roger Online Overview 
Reducing School Violence through Conflict Resolution Johnson, David / Johnson, Roger Online Preview 
New Circles of Learning, The Johnson, David / Johnson, Roger / Johnson Holubec, Edythe Online Overview 
Circles of Learning: Cooperation in the Classroom Johnson, David / Johnson, Roger / Johnson Holubec, Edythe / Roy, Patricia Online Overview 
Everyday Genius, The Kline, Peter Online Overview 
Punished by Rewards Kohn, Alfie Online Preview 
Beyond Discipline Kohn, Alfie Online Preview 
Eight Ways of Knowing Lazear, David Online Overview 
Educational Care Levine, Mel Online Overview 
Dyslexia: A Solution to the Riddle Levinson, Harold Online Preview 
Art and Science of Teaching, The Marzano, Robert Online Preview 
Dimensions of Learning Marzano, Robert / Pickering, Debra Online Overview 
Classroom Instruction that Works Marzano, Robert / Pickering, Debra / Pollock, Jane Online Preview 
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The Maxwell, John Online Preview 
Exceptional Children in Today's Schools Meyen, Edward Online Overview 
Parent Talk Moorman, Chick Online Preview 
Teacher Talk Moorman, Chick / Weber, Nancy Online Overview 
Framework for Understanding Poverty, A Payne, Ruby Online Overview 
Images of America: Lockport Peca, Paulette Online Preview 
1-2-3 Magic Phelan, Thomas Online Preview 
New Principal's Fieldbook, The Robbins, Pam / Alvy, Harvey Online Preview 
Classroom Discipline Rogers, Dorothy Online Overview 
Teaching for Excellence Rogers, Spence  
High Performance Toolbox, The Rogers, Spence / Graham, Shari Online Overview 
Motivation & Learning Rogers, Spence / Ludington, Jim / Graham, Shari Online Preview 
Motivation & Learning Rogers, Spence / Ludington, Jim / Graham, Shari Online Preview 
Managing Diverse Classrooms Rothstein-Fisch, Carrie / Trumbull, Elise Online Preview 
Those Who Can, Teach Ryan / Cooper Online Overview 
Predictable Failure of Educational Reform, The Sarason, Seymour Online Overview 
Schools for the 21st Century Schlechty, Phillip Online Overview 
Results Schmoker, Mike Online Preview 
Math Tools: Grades 3-12 Silver, Harvey / Brunsting, John / Walsh, Terry Online Preview 
New Vision for Staff Development, A Sparks, Dennis / Hirsh, Stephanie Online Overview 
Team Teaching Stenhouse Publishers Online Overview 
Coaching in the Classroom Teaff, Grant Online Overview 
Classroom Assessment for Learning: Formative Assessments Tomaszewski, Sue / Hanley, Glenn  
Principal, The Ubben, Gerald / Hughes, Larry / Norris, Cynthia Online Overview 
Rethinking Homework Vatterott, Cathy Online Preview 
What Great Teachers Do Differently Whitaker, Todd Online Preview 
Catching Up or Leading the Way Zhao, Yong Online Preview 
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