The LEA Sunshine Committee recognizes those union members through the sending of a card on behalf of the LEA that may be celebrating weddings, the birth of a child, granting of tenure, or milestones in their careers and accomplishments. The Sunshine Committee also recognizes those members that may be ill over an extended period of time, had an accident, are scheduled for surgery, or have suffered the loss of a loved one (parent/spouse/child). The Sunshine Committee also recognizes, through the sending of a card, when a former staff member or current student passes away.

The Sunshine Committee will send out birthday wishes via email to union members upon receiving a list from building representatives. The Sunshine Committee can only respond when they are made aware of situations by fellow union members. Union members should contact a member of the Sunshine Committee to have a card sent on behalf of the union. Information shared with the Sunshine Committee will remain confidential.

Sunshine Committee Members