Pathways Team SOS 
Volleyball Events
    Kushner Yeshiva High School
    110 South Orange Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039
    Tournament day contact: 201-738-0918

Location notes  
Enter thru the Main entrance facing South Orange Avenue. The High school entrance faces Peach Tree Hill Road, but this entrance will not be accessible for entering or leaving the facility.

The Kushner Yeshiva Academy is across the street from Newark Academy and close to Livingston Mall.

About facility  
Facility open by 8AM, gym access by 8:30AM.

Bring your own chairs. NO courtside seating available. 

PLEASE respect facility rules and bring ONLY kosher foods. Non-kosher foods may be consumed outdoors, but not indoors. 
All teams will be assigned a table in the cafeteria.  Each team is responsible for ensuring their table is left clean and void of trash before they leave for the day. Any tables not left in AM condition will be reported to GEVA and fined $50. We ask all players, supporters to respect facility and properly dispose of all trash during the day. We suggest coaches take a photo of their area before leaving - as we will "fineable" cases
Representatives from Pathways, who provide free support services for women with breast cancer, will be on site running the concession stand. Drinks, munchies, coffee available for sale throughout the day, and kosher pizza will be available during lunch hours. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Facility must be vacated by 7PM otherwise, we are charged overtime. So your help in cleanup is also greatly appreciated!

Use ONLY the front entrance when entering or exiting the facility. Do not open side doors for anyone! We need everyone to pass through the security guard. Violations risk our losing the facility or having to pay for a 2nd security guard! Your support is greatly appreciated. Please respect the facility's security needs! 

Our rental is ONLY for the gym, cafeteria and the access halls between them. Do not enter other areas of the school. Facility surveillance recorded visitors entering unlocked classrooms and removing chairs in a recent tournament this year - if this happens again, we will lose this site! 

Reminder - park only in lots, not in fire lanes!