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  Adult Volleyball Clinics
            Signup here         1/17/15 CLINIC POSTPONED!!!
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    January 17, 2015
     - Sideoutsports Volleyball Center (26 Law Dr, Fairfield, NJ)
       Need 10 to run the clinic !!  
    About clinic

    This clinic designed for gals seeking to improve their volleyball skills through instruction and drills. Geared for recreational, league and tournament B players. Attendees should expect to get a heavy dose of reps on basics and fundamentals of power volleyball. 

    Registration register here: online, pay onsite
    • $45 per participant
    • $5 discount per player for groups of 3.
    • munchies provided (AM=coffee donuts, PM=veggies), 
    Tentative Clinic Schedule - dictated by number of attendees
    AM SESSION = 9AM - 1PM
    • 8:30AM - registration @ lobby
    • 9PM-1PM - on court drills and instruction
    PM SESSION = 2PM - 6PM
    • 1:30PM - registration @ lobby
    • 2PM-6PM - on court drills and instruction
    • 9:30AM - registration @ lobby
    • 10AM-2PM - on court drills and instruction
    Topics Intro, discussion on philosophy of power volleyball and teamwork, spiking (footwork, timing), passing (straight and simple), digging (J stroke), blocking, serving, defense (positioning, bases, coverage), setting (base, drills, technique). Some game play using power volleyball philosophies.
    What to Expect
    • Handouts with additional tips and resources
    • A good workout, my perspective of volleyball / "to dos" to reach the next level of play / instruction / lots and lots of reps and ball touches.
    • hear a few new concepts, regardless of your experience or skill level.
    • Lots of touches on the volleyball
    • Bring drinks!
    • Bring volleyball shoes
    • No outdoor or black sole footwear permitted on courts.
    • Facility has no vending machines
    • Special requests welcome. Teams/participants should email their particular aspects/skills they want to work on with registration, and I will work it into the clinic.
    • Clinicians: Members of the Livingston Women's Volleyball Club, with high school, college, coaching and playing experience.

    • Feb 15, 2014 - SideOut Sports, Fairfield, NJ (cancelled, snow)
    • Feb 12, 2010 - Powerzone Volleyball Center
    • Apr 5, 2008 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • Nov 10, 2007 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • Nov 11, 2006 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • Oct 28, 2006 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • April 8, 2006 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • Oct 22, 2005 - Heritage Jr School, Livingston, NJ
    • March 19, 2005 - Powerzone Volleyball Center

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