GEVA Women's B

page update: 1/29/15 
I resigned as Women's B player rep - verbally in October and by email in January 2015 - effective immediately. I nominated Julissa B of Pink Ladies to succeed me. This requires Commissioner nomination and board approval.  This has not yet occurred. 

In my first 2 years on the board I worked assemble your feedback and communicate this to the board for action. Unfortunately I found my efforts confronted with little to no consideration. I suspect my delivery may have clouded the message. Therefore - I decided the best I can do for Women's B is to step aside. I strongly believe that a younger player like Julissa brings new energy and views of the younger generation of players needed to revitalizing adult play.  

Home Page
Web page created by Ellen L (newly elected 2013-2016 GEVA board rep for Women's B) to provide updated information for GEVA members who play Women's B. 

My Mission

  • My self imposed goal of this position is to seek higher member satisfaction AND grow the women's B membership pool.
  • Draw on the Women's B membership pool of resources to assist in my mission.
  • The past season (for a variety of reasons) saw a significant drop in team participation in GEVA sanctioned tournaments. None of the 9 GEVA sanctioned tournament filled, 5 of the registered 15 B teams played in 5 or more events, of the 9 teams at regionals - 3 played in only 2 other GEVA sactioned B or B/BB tournaments and GEVA lost over $1,000 in running the 2012-2013 GEVA Women's B tournaments (with the exception of the higher priced regionals).  I have many ideas on addressing this - but my actions will incorporate input from team reps.
Plan of Action
  • To "meet" with as many team reps as possible to poll their ideas for the upcoming season (via conference call). Of course this will mostly be driven by issues, likes, dislikes, comments about past season.
  • To chat with Women's B tournament directors about their experiences and ideas for tournament play
  • To facilitate a conference call or facebook chat with all Women's B members interested in providing feedback/comments about playing GEVA ball = July 10 9-10:30PM
  • Based on this input - develop a plan/suggestions for the 2013-2014 to the board for the Women's B play = August 4
Conference Calls/Meetings
  • March 12-13 players/team reps = call notes
  • August 21 - meeting notes
    • Women's B Playing Social @ Powerzone Volleyball Center
    • Wednesday night 7:15-8:30PM, $10 Open play 8:30-closing
    • Agenda = Intros / what's new for 2013-14 play / Feedback & Comments
    • Optional post meeting open play available at $10 (paid to Powerzone) 'til closing.
    • Registration for this meeting is optional but this helps me ensure we have the proper accommodations for everyone
  • July 10 - Players = call notes
  • June 26 - Team Reps = call notes