The Pewter Piece

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This piece is about the size of a US nickel.  It was minted with a hand press at the grand opening of the Liberty Dollar Fullfillment Center in Evansville, Indiana during the sixth anniversary celebration in October of 2004.  It was not minted by NORFED, but the dies may have been supplied by them.  A gentleman who owned the hand operated press made them.  I know because I was there.   There may have been 200 or so people who attended the celebration, but I'm sure all of them did not purchase these pieces.  I have no idea how many were made or sold, but it has to be much less than a standard mint run of Liberty Dollars, which would be 1000 pieces (the site below says 200 pieces).

This piece is probably second only to the Evansville one ounce Silver Liberty in rarity.  It's not really a Liberty Dollar, but it is a very collectible piece of NORFED memorabelia.  The 'E' on it may be the mintmark of the gentleman who made it.  He was in the business of making specialty medallions for various customers and was there to demonstrate rudimentary minting techniques for visitors.  I imagine the 'Mercury Dime' obverse design was made from a stock die the gentleman had in inventory, which was modified to show the 'est in 1998' for the Liberty Dollar commemorative.  That would explain why the 'In God We Trust' logo was different from the 'Trust In God' logo found on the Liberty Dollars.  The reverse die was obviously custom made for the commemorative.

The highest known sale price for this item was $275 in a private sale on 3/28/2012.

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