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There have been numerous revisions of the brochures used by NORFED/Liberty Dollar over the years.  All of the ones I have seen were 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size.  They were laid out as tri-fold pamphlets which fit nicely in some of the commercially available plastic counter racks.  The scans below shows the front fold of the eight that I have in order of their release.  If you have any other tri-fold brochures from Liberty Dollar, please scan them at 200 dpi and send it to me at lrgoodger 'at' gmail 'dot' com.  I will credit you with its addition to the Liberty Dollar Encyclopedia.

1.  2000 $10 base brochure with the Tippecanoe Dr. address.
2.  2003 $10 base brochure with the Morgan Ave. address.
3.  2003 $10 base brochure with the Stockwell address.
4.  2005 $10 base brochure.
5.  2006 $20 base brochure.
6.  2006 $20 base brochure, Spanish version.
7.  2007 ? base brochure.  It has $50 base on the $20 cert.  #13 below has an error on the inside center photo.  I don't know if a 2007 $20 base brochure correct in all aspects exists.
8.  2008 $50 base brochure.

Click the number link below to see scans of the full, unfolded brochure on both sides.  Cursor over the resulting image and click to enlarge.

                                #1 link                                                                      #2 link                                                             #3 link                                                                          #4 link

                                #5 link                                                                     #6 link                                                                   #7 link                                                                     #8 link

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2012 update

I have received the following brochures from Liberty Dollar collectors who wish to remain anonymous.

9.  1999 $10 base brochure with the Tippecanoe Dr. address.  This is probably the original brochure.
10.  1999 $10 base Y2K brochure with the Tippecanoe Dr. address.  This is probably the second brochure.
11.  2000 $10 base brochure with NO ADDRESS.  This is probably the first of the flag topped brochures.
12.  2008 $20 base PEACE DOLLAR brochure.

2015 update

13.  Identical to #7 except no "Legal" above "Since 1998", $20 certs have $20 base on them and the center photo inside has a 2006 obverse.  To my knowledge, only the $1000 gold piece has a 2006 obverse, so the piece pictured does not exist.  Thanks to Jeremy Battan for info on #13. 

                                #9 link                                                                      #10 link                                                             #11 link                                                                          #12 link

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