Hawaii Dalas

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Originally, only the 1/4 ounce Princess Kaiulani shown below was available in the beautiful gold-on-silver form.  More recently it has turned out that ALL of the 2007 pieces shown here had a small number of prototypes done in gold-on-silver (typically a tube of 20 pieces), but they have been exceedingly hard to find.  The one ounce Princess Kaiulani is the rarest of all.  Sets that are complete (with the exception of the one ounce PK) have been selling in the $2300 - $2500 range with the 1 oz princess going in the $800 - $1000 range.  I know of only a half dozen of these complete sets to date.  Photos are at the bottom of the page.

The Hawaii dalas have a long history (20 years or more) of production at the Royal Hawaiian mint, but those pieces will not be documented here.
This page addresses only the pieces produced under the umbrella of NORFED/Liberty Dollar in 2007.
There were three one ounce pieces, two half ounce pieces and three quarter ounce pieces produced in all for 2007.
Numbered and hallmarked examples exist of many if not all of these pieces.

The introduction of the Hawaii Dalas by Liberty Dollar was not a big success, so not many of these pieces were made by comparison.  I did not personally collect the Dalas since there were so many varieties made at the Royal Hawaiian mint in years past, and some of them are quite rare.  I considered the possibility of completing a set to be rather remote, but the year 2007 set pictured below should be attainable.

Click on any photo for a larger image.

Here are the one ounce pieces
(39mm diameter)

(highest known ebay auction $175 10/2/2012 by Jason Caissie)

(highest known ebay auction $189 9/7/2012 by Jason Caissie)

(highest known private sale $300 by Ron G.)
Here are the half ounce pieces
(32mm diameter)

(highest known ebay auction $160 4/27/2012 by 

(highest known ebay auction $175 4/27/2012 by Jason Caissie)

Here are the quarter ounce pieces
(27mm diameter)

(highest known private sale $220 12/9/2013 by Ron G.)

(highest known ebay auction $169.95 4/16/2012 by  Jason Caissie)

(highest known private sale $550 4/27/2012 by goldhawaiian)

The selective gold-on-silver quarter ounce princess above is the rarest and most beautiful of the set.  This photo is compliments of Jeff Kotchounian.  There were a few prototypes of selective gold-on-silver made of the king and queen pieces above and they are just as beautiful, but very rare.  They were never released for general production like the princess was.

Here is a close up of the Hawaii hallmark.

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The following information was sent to me on 4/28/2012 by a collector of the Hawaii Dala

This is the 4 certs issued with the Hawaiian/Liberty Dala's. I will try to explain the difference. The PR is proof up to 1000. The SP is specie up to 2000. The AD 3000 to 4000 is first day of issue The AD over 4000 is a General Issue.  I am also sending a scan of both sides of the Silver Hawaiian Dala Pamphlet that was released with the release of the Hawaiian/Liberty Dalas  The credit for the pamphlet should go to the goldhawaian.

(highest known ebay auction $150 7/23/2012 by ebay seller christudfur for cert #A004502)

The photos below are prototypes except for the 1/4 oz princess.  Only that one (top right) was released in selective gold layer in 2007 for public sale.

The one ounce gold layered princess below is the hardest to find of the 2007 layered prototypes

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