Liberty Dollar founder avoids imprisonment in sentencing

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11:30p GMT Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

We have it only through a reliable intermediary that Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von Not Haus, convicted rather strangely almost four years ago of counterfeiting for issuing silver coins worth more than the originals they were supposed to be imitating, received a lenient sentence today from Judge Richard Voorhees in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina -- six months of home confinement and three years of probation.

It's said that the judge observed that von Not Haus' motivation with the Liberty Dollar was philosophical rather than criminal. It's also said that the judge ordered the federal government to return to its owners the millions of dollars of metal held by Liberty Dollar for its clients.

A lawyer representing GATA appeared in court today to argue for leniency for von Not Haus.

More as it becomes available.

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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August 2013 - It has been 6 years since the government stole the life savings of innocent owners of gold and silver medallions minted by NORFED.  Regardless of the guilt or innocence of NORFED/Liberty Dollar, it is unconscionable for the government criminals and the so called justice system in this country to condone such theft.  The metal was owned by innocent individuals who had it stored in the Sunshine Mint warehouse (they make Silver Eagles for the US government).  These individuals owned the metal merely as a hedge against inflation.  They were accused of nothing, yet the government stole their life savings under the pretext that what these individuals owned and the artwork on it was somehow a crime.  That, folks, is the nature of what the political situation in the United States has become.  Will we ever see these innocent victims made whole by the US 'justice' system?  I doubt it.......they are all thieves!  I will not change my mind until I see these victims restored and their metals returned by a Federal judge who has the balls to defy his criminal masters.  (Addendum 12/3/14 - I have to admit judge Voorhees delivered the most fair and equitable sentence he could have without outright defying his masters, provided the report that the seized metals will be returned to their rightful owners is true.)

And then there is the story of the murders of Liberty Dollar RCOs Karl Reile and Jeff Kotchounian.  Karl Reile of Buffalo, NY was found shot (murdered) outside his coin shop.  Karl had given up a lucrative career in computer programming to stop withholding when he found out the truth about how IRS code is illegally applied to people who do not fall under its scope.  Jeff Kotchounian was a Southeast Michigan RCO who had stopped paying personal income taxes many years ago for the same reasons.  He was found shot behind his house within an hour of a heated discussion with four IRS CID agents.  Were they targeted because of involvement with Liberty Dollar?  We will never know.....

Search the internet for NORFED and/or Bernard von NotHaus to find hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on the Liberty Dollar story.  When  the FBI and Secret Service raided them in November of 2007, it was national news.

March 2018 - This year the DOJ started returning silver and gold Liberty Dollars  that were seized in the 2007 raid that belonged to innocent people.  Not everything was returned, however.  Judge Voorhees declared that some pieces were contraband (anything minted after the warning from the US mint) and some were not (anything minted before the warning).  Well, if it was not a crime to stamp proprietary artwork on silver and gold pieces BEFORE, why is it somehow a crime AFTER????  

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The fastest appreciating numismatic collectibles in history!

(note: If you have bought or sold a Liberty Dollar piece at a higher price than I have listed on these pages, please contact me at LRGoodger 'at' gmail 'dot' com so I can update it.)
(note: Please keep in mind that the 'highest known' prices are for premium pieces and are not likely the price you could get at any time on any day.  See further info on collectible sets below.)

One particular one ounce silver medallion went from $100 to $1000 in less than a year (#1).  Due to short supplies and/or difficulty in locating examples, several other one ounce silver pieces exceeded $1000 in less than five years.  I am talking about privately minted medallions of gold, silver, and copper (and even one platinum piece).  The Ron Paul gold and platinum pieces have both sold in excess of $5000.  You might ask why any one ounce round would be in such demand that it could command such prices, even if few exist.  Well, the answer is fascinating.

Go to any of the pages in the left column for Liberty Dollar photos and descriptions.

The story of the NORFED Liberty Dollar would not have been so awesome were it not for the United States Government.  It was them, you see, urged into action by their silent partners in the banking industry that caused the popularity of Liberty Dollar collectibles to soar to amazing heights.  The key to the whole thing is a fight for

and attempts by those in power to suppress it.  Liberty Dollar was a fledgling precious metals barter system (alternative money?) implemented by those fighting for freedom, just as the first silver dollars produced by the fledgling United States were.  Many of the early Liberty Dollars are even rarer than early United States silver dollars.

A people cannot be free without monetary freedom.  The smartest (and therefore wealthiest) bankers figured that out over a hundred years ago.  That is why they worked diligently to completely control the monetary systems of the world.  Once they achieved that goal, the peoples were no longer free.  It was implemented slowly over nearly a century, a step at a time until the avalanche happened between 1965 and 1971.  In that period, the use of gold and silver coin as money virtually disappeared from every nation around the world almost simultaneously.  It happened first in the United States (where the scheme was conceived) when silver was removed from that nation's coinage in 1965.  Within a few years all other countries had followed suit.  To me, that is the greatest proof, hiding right in front of the eyes of the people, that there is a behind the scenes one world government composed of a banking cabal pulling the strings of all nations.

Anyway, you will find on the pages of this site photos and descriptions of the products of NORFED/Liberty Dollar.  The medallions were conceived as a method of giving the common people back the ability to trade with gold and silver, thereby allowing them to avoid being robbed of their purchasing power by paper money.  Very few people understood that rising prices (dubbed 'inflation' - which is not actually rising prices but falling value of paper money) was a deliberate result of paper money systems and that by using paper money they were forfeiting huge amounts of wealth to the government/banking complex that created that money.  The creators of Liberty Dollar did understand it, and they set out to open the eyes of the rest of the people by giving them gold and silver medallions to trade with.  They were so successful at it that it caught the attention of those who benefitted the most from creating paper money out of thin air (can you say 'legalized counterfeiting'?).

On November 14th, 2007 the offices of Liberty Dollar in Evansville Indiana were raided by the FBI and Secret Service.  They simultaneously raided Sunshine Mint in Idaho where the medallions were being minted.  They seized all stocks of gold, silver, copper and platinum controlled by Liberty Dollar as well as all books, records and computers they could find.

It was immediately understood by those involved with Liberty Dollar that charges had been manufactured to put the company out of business.  The government/banking complex is simply not willing to lose the huge amounts of wealth pouring into their coffers as a result of having convinced the peoples of the world to use paper for money.  Liberty Dollar opening people's eyes to the facts and convincing them to use gold and silver for trade instead of government paper would put a huge dent in their revenues if the practice were allowed to grow.

Those who followed the trial of Liberty Dollar creator Bernard von NotHaus saw first hand how the DOJ works to convict a political target who has broken no law.  The prosecutors twisted the facts to convince the jury that von NotHaus was a criminal just because they said so.  I find it fascinating that the conviction was handed down over a year ago (as of this writing in April, 2012) and no sentence has yet been passed.  That is almost unheard of for a Federal court.  There must be circumstances known to the judge that could blow the whole thing open and he has to be very careful how he handles it.  If he overturns the jury verdict, it would at the very least be an affront to the powerful men driving the prosecution from behind the scenes.  I'm sure he would want to have all his ducks in a row before he did something like that, which could potentially end his career, but it would be refreshing to see him have the guts to do what is right.

The bottom line is; they said Liberty Dollar was becoming a threat to the current fiat monetary system (by exposing it for what it was).  Should it have been let continue they said, it would most certainly have gone far to destroy the existing (thieving fiat) monetary system (and financially free our people).  Current world events suggest that fiat money is collapsing in spite of the demise of Liberty Dollar, but it is happening not because people are using gold and silver, but because the banking houses are screwing each other and their governments and people with such shenanigans as hedges, derivatives and unrestrained printing of paper money from thin air.  Senior banking executives are starting to jump ship like rats just ahead of the impending fiat money implosion.

Now that people are waking up to what Liberty Dollar did and was trying to do before they were squashed by the DOJ, the existing NORFED/Liberty Dollar pieces have become symbols of the fight for liberty!  They are so few relative to US coins (which are junk metal anyway since 1965) that prices soared as collectors scrambled to get good examples of certain pieces.  If you are going to collect precious metal coins or medallions, you certainly are not going to look at the junk metal coins currently produced by governments around the world.  They are merely tokens not worth the face value they bear.  It is far more interesting to collect precious metal rounds that are going to increase in value simply because fiat money is decreasing in value (relatively speaking).  That hedge against inflation was what originally prompted Liberty Dollar collectors to hoard them, but the FBI raid caused a few instant rarities, and that caused prices to soar within weeks on certain items.

Putting together a complete collection of Liberty Dollar products is currently an expensive proposition. There are a few freedom lovers out there who understand that as awareness of what the Liberty Dollar rage is all about grows (the knowledge that government/banking is trying to destroy it because it encourages monetary FREEDOM), prices are going to continue to climb.  It's like having foreknowledge to stash away a few 1804 US silver dollars because you know they represent the story of FREEDOM and will be worth a fortune someday.  Even if prices don't soar because of demand, they will keep going up because they are precious metals.  Either way, you win.

International sales have been brisk as of late (beginning in March, 2012) for several of my friends who are selling off their small Liberty Dollar collections, especially for the key pieces.  It would seem that the plight of the Americans (at the hands of the international bankers) and their resulting fight to re-assert their monetary FREEDOM has not been lost on the international community.  There are active collectors/investors in at least the following countries: England, Germany, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Note: Don't be discouraged from collecting Liberty Dollars by high prices on some pieces.  As noted above, the highest known price paid for a particular piece is not necessarily the amount you could get for it on any given day.

There are many subsets within the complete production history (the prototype pieces should not be considered part of any set).  Here is a listing of some of the sets.

1.  Complete one ounce silver set - (set of 67 different varieties with several expensive, key pieces.)
2.  2003 type set - (includes four 1oz. $10 pieces, a five ounce $50 piece, a 1/2 ounce $5 piece and a 1/20th oz. $1 piece.
3.  SMI (State Monetary Initiative) set - (includes 25 original state pieces, Marco Island, and the TX & NY double dates)(there are three types of SMI sets, SN, HM & GI)
4.  $50 base set - (includes a one ounce 'Tenth Anniversary' $50 piece, and four 'naked back' pieces in 1 oz,  2/5 oz, 1/5 oz and 1/10 oz sizes denominated $50, $20, $10 & $5 respectively.)
5.  Gold set - (this expensive set includes the $500 one ounce, the $1000 one ounce, the $500 1/4 ounce, the $50 1/20th ounce and the $1000 one ounce Ron Paul piece.)
6.  1 ounce Copper set - the most affordable - (includes the original 2007,  Ron Paul 2008, Peace 2008, Peace error 2008, Peace 2009, and Teaparty 2009.  The 'mule' prototype copper is not part of the production set.)

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The Silver Liberation Army
Only concerted effort by all the peoples of the earth can stop the bankers now.  The peoples of the earth, of all races, creeds, religions and colors, can stop the bankers by doing one simple thing from this day forward, and that is to reject all forms of payment and savings by paper means.  Offer and accept only precious metals as payment.  Save only precious metals for retirement.  Do not use any form of units for these precious metals other than standardized weight units (ounces, grams, etc.).  The Euro unit is failing.  The Dollar unit is failing (both are units of measure, not physical things).  Many other monetary units have failed in the past because bankers have succeeded in corrupting their meanings with paper as they have Dollar and Euro.  Placing a 'Dollar' or 'Euro' amount on a silver coin is like giving it the kiss of death.  The value of the paper forms of those terms will quickly slip below the face value on the coins and they will cease to circulate as money.  That happens because people have become so accustomed to attributing to a coin its face value rather than its weight value.  Silver must be traded by weight!

The masses comprising this united world effort (to destroy financial imprisonment by paper money) have been dubbed the"Silver Liberation Army".

They can and must win the war if they wish to be free.  Their battle cry is "Crash JP Morgan!!  Buy and hold physical silver!!!!"  Not stock certificates, not certificates of deposit, not warehouse receipts, but physical silver!  The banking cabal destroyed the relative price of silver over the last fifty years by destroying the primary demand for it (coins).  We the people of the silver liberation army do not need silver coins to expose and destroy the criminal bankers and re-establish the true value of the metal!  We merely need silver!  Demand by the masses for savings and trade will absorb supplies and expose the naked shorts and metals EFTs as being frauds.  It will succeed.  I saw the vision in 2006 (literally).  The silver demand was like torrents of bullets piercing and killing the evil cloud of monetary conspiracy and control over the people.  I told of the vision publicly to hundreds in March of that same year!  Fulfillment of that vision is drawing ever nigh!  When merchants of the world start accepting silver by weight in exchange for their goods (the way it always was throughout history), the war will have been won.

We all know that he who has the gold (silver) makes the rules.  For the last 100 years, the bankers have been able to get all the gold and silver they wanted as easily as convincing the mine owners to trade it to them for these fancy pieces of paper they print up.  Now it's our turn.  The SLA is going to buy up all the silver with the paper money and when they have it all, they are going to refuse to sell it back to the bankers!  That will cause the bankers to have to offer more and more of the paper money to get the gold and silver back.  That is the root cause of inflation (the bankers trying to get all the gold and silver - and everything else, really - for nothing but the cost of printing paper).  But this time, we are not selling it back to the bankers for more paper money.  We are going to keep it and trade it to one another for what we need until all of the merchants accept precious metals by weight again.  Then what will the bankers do?  I think they will run for the hills, because by then all of their fraud will have been exposed!  Why are so many top banking executives around the world resigning (or committing suicide) in recent months?  I believe the huge amounts of metals that have already been absorbed by the people combined with the bankers own hedges and derivatives are beginning to expose the fraud and they can't keep it hidden much longer.