Calculation of Time to MRCA Using Janzen Spreadsheet

[This page was posted in 2013 and is included as a matter of historical interest.]

Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor ("MRCA") for the R1a1a Ashkenazi Levite cluster calculated with Janzen spreadsheets using Ken Nordtvedt’s method and Chandler’s mutation rates.

Calculated based upon information compiled on R1a1a Ashkenazi Levite Sortable Spreadsheet as of August 17, 2013.

The Janzen spreadsheet calculates time to an MRCA by reference only to the first 67 markers. Accordingly, the discrepancy between the time to an MRCA at 111 markers and the time to an MRCA at 67 markers represents a difference between the pool of men who have upgraded to 111 markers and the pool of men who have tested to only 67 markers, not something inherent in markers 68 through 111.