Burials in Prague and Toledo

This website posts lists of names from the old Jewish cemeteries of Prague and Toledo, prepared by Meir G. Gover.


Gover has extracted, in Hebrew and English transliteration, more than 850 surnames from matzevot (Jewish tombstones) at the historic Jewish cemetery in Prague, reflecting deaths from the 15th century through the 18th century. (The extracts do not include 500 surnameless entries.) The surnames were adopted by Jews in Moravia between the 15th to 18th centuries and served as the foundation for many Jewish surnames throughout Europe, and, later, across the world.

The extracts include surnames from an 1892 book that includes full names and birth and death dates for Jews buried in the Prague cemetery. Hock, Koifmann & Paapersch, Die Familien Prags: Nach den Epitaphien des Alten Judischen Friedhofs in Prag ("Headstones of the Old Jewish Cemetry in Prague"), Pressburg, Druck von Adolf Alkakay, 1892. The extracts identify the page numbers of that book on which each surname appears, and include a link to a website that provides separate links to each page of that book.

The extracts identify Levite families (as well as Cohanim). A surname is identified as Levite if at least one tombstone identifies a person with that surname as Levite; there may be some tombstones bearing that surname that do not identify the person bearing that surname as Levite.


Gover has prepared a necrology of 76 matzevot at the ancient Jewish cemetery in Toledo from the period 1238 through 1385. The necrology is translated from an 1841 Hebrew book that copied and interpolated transcriptions of the matzevot made in the late 14th century by an unknown Jewish scholar. Click here for further information concerning the matzevot, and here for the necrology.

Translations & Compilations by Meir G. Gover, Savyon, Israel, decendant of the Levite Ish-Horowitz family of Prague.

Extractions © 2013, 2014 Meir G. Gover