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Roots in Prague

Many R1a1a Ashkenazi Levites are descended on their direct male line from Jews from Prague, the home of the Horowitz rabbinical family from which perhaps half of R1a1a Ashkenazi Levites are descended.  

Some of the ancestral surnames identified by R1a1a Ashkenazi Levites as their most distant known male ancestors were shared by Levites who lived in Prague. Other such surnames were shared by Jews in Prague not identified as Levites. Because it was not uncommon for sons-in-law to adopt the surnames of illustrious fathers-in-law, it is likely that there are some R1a1a Ashkenazi Levites who bear surnames inherited from Prague Jews who were Israelites. 

Click here for more information about the historic Jewish cemetery in Prague and to access a list, extracted by Meir G. Gover, of more than 850 surnames from matzevot (Jewish tombstones) at that cemetery.

Jansa, Old Jewish Cemetery

Chromolithograph of the Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague, from an undated edition (@1900) of 100 watercolors of Prague, Stará Praha (Old Prague), by Václav Jansa (1859-1913). 
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