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Latin Club

The Latin Club provides many opportunities for fellowship, fun, growth, travel to local, state, and national conventions and competitions, and chances to hold local, state, and national offices. 

Fellowship and Fun:  Members can socialize and enjoy one another's company at off-campus events and after-school meetings.  Activities are up to the students.  They may watch movies, meet at restaurants, have parties, share books and projects, take a group field trip, decide to make Roman costumes and wear them to school or to a party, etc. 

Junior Classical League:  Club dues cover membership in the National Junior Classical League and the Texas State Junior Classical League.  This league promotes interest in ancient Greek and Roman life, literature, history, and culture.  There are all kinds of academic, Olympic/athletic, musical, theatrical, and artistic competitions.  Academic events include Greek and Roman mythology, history, culture, & language.  Mr. Kruebbe has seen his students from other schools place in the top 3 at the state and even national levels in several events!  You can do it too, with enthusiasm and effort.

Here are some extra links for more information about Latin Club and the Junior Classical League.

Texas State Junior Classical League

National Junior Classical League

Junior Classical League Competitions, Study Guides, Materials, et cetera.

Officers' Duties

JCL Competitions

JCL Recommended Texts

JCL Academic Contest Practice Tests

- Archives back to 1990 - http://latin.sasaustin.org/actestarchives.php.

- Area B - Tests from previous conventions - http://www.saclassicalsociety.com/main.htm.

2009-10 Certamen Syllabus for Area B

Important Dates for 2009-10

Practice Tests