Here are some kite videos that you might find interesting.

The Sport Kite people let me hang around with them because my buddy Karl Berg and I fly stacks of kites in Open Team Train Competition. We won OTT at the AKA Nationals again in 2014.
This link is video of us practicing at Wright Brothers National Park the day before we competed. This link is video of us competing. In our defense, choreography goes out the window when there is barely enough wind to keep the kites in the air.

Our friends Jeff & Joyce King were some of very few people who were loaned Peter Lynn "Toothless" kites commissioned by Disney to promote the movie "How to Train Your Dragon 2". They flew Toothless in a bumpy, lumpy wind. This link is some video of their adventure flying Toothless at the AKA National Convention in 2014.

Joe Perron shot and edited some video of Maggie & me flying our stacks for the Opening of the Newport Kite Festival in July 2013. This link goes to his video.
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