In spring of 1987 Vic and Bernie Walton of Ansonia, Connecticut decided to form a kite club. An inquiry to the American Kitefliers Association resulted in a list of AKA members in Connecticut. Letters of invitations to a brunch at the Walton's was sent for the purpose of organizing a club. Of those who attended about 25 became "charter members." The original name was,
"The Society For The Preservation, Enhancement and Encouragement of Tethered Flight In the Housatonic Valley of Connecticut and Environs".
At the suggestion of Paul Denice of Derby, this rather laborious name was abbreviated to the tongue (in-cheek) twister-ConnectiKITERS. An early description of the club was published in part as follows:
"ConnectiKITERS is an unofficial, intentionally disorganized group of people who, as demonstrated by their membership in AKA have a passion for kiting in one or another of all of its aspects...and who see an advantage in meeting, flying kites, socializing and fostering involvement in the fun of flying kites."

This page is here to host files and pictures for the public who may not have a Yahoo Profile or a Dropbox account.

As an example, click on the Trifold_2016 link, here or below, to get a PDF file of the 2016 ConnectiKITERS Calendar file. The file was, er, still is, hosted on Dropbox, but Dropbox requires people to have a Dropbox account to access it. This should be easier.
Gary Engvall,
May 15, 2016, 11:18 AM