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Delta Kite

Hammonasset Kite Festival

It was a good run for 10 years.

3 years of construction at Hammonasset and the fields are open again.

If anyone wants to pick up the baton and run a Festival there, we are happy to help. 

Video of Hammonasset 2014 courtesy of Billy Echevarria.

Video of highlights from 2013, courtesy of Ray Hilson.

Kitt Kites Kite Store

Brenton Point State Park, Ocean Ave, Newport, RI 02840

Kite Videos:

I have put some kite videos up on YouTube.

Kinko's Sled kite plan

How to make a great flying kite out of a bag from FedEx Kinko's.


If you met us at one of our kite making workshops for kids,

here are the Plans for making the Polymorphic (Sled) Kite:

Making the Wonderful Polymorphic Kite

If you are looking for information about any kinds of kites,

we hope we have a way to find the information here.

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Photo above by Alice Hayden

The picture to the left is of a (Samuel Franklin) Cody War Box kite that I made. It was the first time I had attempted to make something that size without any plans. It is built around S.F.Cody's favorite measurement, 6. It is 6 feet long, front to back, with a 6 inch "rake" or forward lean. Each box is 2 x 2, making the main Box kite 4 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and 6 feet long. Each portion of wing is 2 feet wide, making each wing tip 5 feet away from the box, for a total wingspread of 14 feet. The material is 3/4 ounce Icarex (polyester). The longerons are K-75 fiberglass, and the cross sticks are FL-505 fiberglass. All of the fittings are ABS plastic rod cut to length, center drilled for sticks, and cross drilled for line.

NOTE: I am frequently asked for plans for this Cody Kite. I want to make it clear: There aren't any plans! Yes, I made templates and yes, those have been occasionally loaned out so other people could make this kite. But I simply didn't make any when I made the kite.

I make a lot of kites, single line and dual line. Will fly quad (4) line kites under duress. I also make and fly fighters and rokkaku's.

If you are looking to get together with other Kiters in the Northeast USA, The ConnectiKITERS is a very active Kite Club that would love to hear from you.

Clicking here, ConnectiKITERS , will take you to their web page.

Another very active northeastern USA kite club is the New York Kite Enthusiasts.

They are located mostly around Albany, NY.

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