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March 24, 2012: Welcome to our first commercial web page! After making and selling kites and accessories for more than 20 years, and writing many kite related web pages, this is the first page about things we sell.

We aren't the Big Guys: We do custom! We are happy to work with kite fliers to get them bags that match or compliment their personal colors.

Compression Bags: People who fly big, soft kites, stuff the kites in to bags for storage and transport. A Compression Bag allows big kites to be compressed down to a size more acceptable to the airlines.

Our 'Standard' size Compression Bags are 20" wide and 60" tall, like the black & red one above. They easily fit a Large Peter Lynn Octopus, even an OLO. Depending on what is put in them, they can be compressed to less than half their 'full' size. We like to use webbing and buckles so the bags are easy to open and easy to compress.

All our bags come with Vislon Zipper closures and have a velcro/webbing latch inside the top to hold the ends of the bridle lines and prevent tangling. Just grab the end(s) of the bridle, tie off, and go!

We have tried a lot of different versions over the years to come up with the best combination of ease of use, durability, and bags that are unique to the flier and/or the kite.
In the process we discovered that kites such as the full-size Peter Lynn Trilobite, or Manta Ray, do not need quite the volume of the 'Standard' bag.
The Manta Ray, Trilobite, and other such kites have much less fabric, and easily fit in to our 'Half Bag" All the features, half the price!

Kite fliers using commercial airlines to get to Kite Festivals quickly discover that the fewer bags they bring with them, the better. In such cases, stuffing and compressing several kites in to one bag is not a problem, perhaps even a good idea. But 'every day' fliers who just want to get their kites to the flying field, and want to be able to determine which kite is in what bag, often prefer to have individual bags for individual kites. That is why we make different sizes.

 Compression Bag Prices
 'Standard' Full Size  20" x 60"
 3/4 size
 20" x 45"
 1/2 size
 20" x 30" $55.00

To order a bag, just choose a color for A, B and C and send me an e-mail.