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This is a resource list of places to get supplies for kite making. Last updated March 23, 2015.

Phil Broder has started a site for Kite Making Supplies at http://www.flymarketkites.com/. Give him a try!

Midwest Kites. Kites, accessories, flying line, including Spectra.

Goodwinds: Rods, fabric, fittings.

A Wind of Change in Las Vegas, NV.

Into the Wind:Boulder, CO. This link goes right to their kite parts page.

McMaster-Carr - Vinyl end caps, vinyl tubing - Los Angeles, California   

The Thread Exchange - Sewing thread. Weaverville, North Carolina 

Texlon: fabric

Kites and Fun Things: Spars (John Trennepol)

Fun With Wind: Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Sailrite -  Great sewing machines, notions, and dacron for reinforcing.