Welcome to my homepage! My name is Kate Thompson, and I am a graduate student in the math department of the University of Georgia. I am graduating in 2014.

My mathematical interests include number theory, quadratic forms, modular forms and quaternion algebras.

September 20: Undergrad math club, Piedmont College
October 24-27: INTEGERS 2013, University of West Georgia
November 1-2: AMS Western Sectional Meeting, UC Riverside
November 22: Algebra Seminar, Wesleyan University
December 7-8: PANTS XXI, Clemson
January 15-18: AMS/MAA JMM, Baltimore
March 15-19: Arizona Winter School, University of Arizona
April 11-13: AMS Central Sectional Meeting, Texas Tech

Self-portrait. Taken on the shores of UBC campus. April, 2012.