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Select a link to the left in order to view information about a particular best management practice. These are practices that can be successfully installed in Jones County. Our technicians will design and build any practice according to NRCS technical standards. Landowners/operators themselves or local contractors generally construct these practices. Jones SWCD commissioners maintain a list of area contractors and suppliers that may be useful.

Land owners/operators can get technical assistance for these practices. Owners/operators may choose to self fund their conservation practices and therfore have no long term liability for maintenance of the practice. Owner/operators may apply for, and if approved, receive cost share, low interest loans, and/or yearly payments for their practice but become legaly liabile for the long-term maintenance of the practice. Cost share percent, length of agreements, etc. vary with programs.

Contact the Jones SWCD office for particular 'Practices' for which there is technical assistance and possible cost share funding. Our trained staff can match the eligible practice with one or more programs that fund a particular practice. Sometimes there are multiple State and/or Federal programs that might fund an individual practice.
Looking for a contractor? Click Here for a list.