The Reveal Retreat

(Self Mastery)

Schedule for 2023

Oct 12-15, Sedona, AZ - $2150 (all inclusive)

Sedona Self Mastery Retreat

Uncover what’s been blocking you from your best life. Center & connect in a way you've never experienced. Learn practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Reveal your deeper gifts - feel empowered - be refreshed! 


Registration includes:

Space is limited so reserve your spot now

All inclusive registration only $2150 ($500 minimum deposit)                 Bring a friend and you each get $150 discount!

(Zelle 203-391-4060)

Are you ready to feel grounded and stable? Are you ready to know your true self? 

Then The Reveal Retreat is for you!

This retreat will get you centered and connected in way you've never experienced and will leave you feeing grounded, empowered and refreshed!

Activities include:


What's included:

You will have personal time to contemplate the teachings and to fully breathe in this magical place!

"The greatest worth is self mastery." ~~Buddhist quote

What to bring:

Registration fee may vary depending on location. As plans are confirmed, fees will be posted. Contact me if you're interested in a specific location for an estimate until plans are confirmed.

Minimum deposit of $500 required

Flights & transportation not included 

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations within 21 days prior, $300 of your registration fee will be retained. If you are able to find a qualifying person as a replacement to fill your spot we will work with you to refund more (and possibly all) of your registration fee.

-   Cancellations within 14 days of departure are fully earned, with no refund provided.

-   If cancellation is implemented by us, we will cheerfully refund all monies paid by you.


"The Reveal Retreat gave me the tools that I was desiring. I learned about myself and to not take on other people's stuff. I also learned that if I am calm & clear that others around me can too, by reflection. A wonderful experience for anyone who wants to better themselves and learn a better way of living their life." ~ Lori J, 9/2018

"It's difficult to find the time and a restful place in your life or surroundings. This retreat offered a weekend completely just that: a restful meditative space for unplugging and recharging, good food and insight into the inner spiritual, for sure." ~ Ryan B, 9/2018

"Appreciations are limitless. Grateful for the time she spent on every detail. So much thought went into the program. Professional yet fun, easy, good vibes."~ Lori J, 9/2018