*About JodiAnn

Your healing and enlightenment facilitator

Jodi Ann has been a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher since 1996, after having been an LMT since 1991 (graduating from CT Center for Massage Therapy).  She is 9th generation in lineage from Dr. Usui who rediscovered the lost ancient Tibetan healing art of Reiki.  She relocated to Las Vegas in 2003, where she began giving Divinely guided readings and continued teaching Reiki for a living.  She has a deep connection with Divine Angelic Energy and has been teaching others to develop their awareness of their own Divine Connection for decades.  She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient; one of her gifts is to be able to help people introduce the mysteries of their own untapped powers into a mainstream way of life.

She was raised as a Catholic and also practices Buddhism. She believes that spirituality is about one's own personal relationship with God/Creator and that this is a very personal path for each of us. She is dedicated to helping people find their path through their own Divine intuition and experience. She has been a reverend of Universal Life Church since 2004.

In 2015 she became licensed in NV to legally perform weddings.

Her mission is to help people raise their vibration in a variety of ways. 

(Readings, Reiki sessions (humans & animals), Shamanic Resets, Heightened Frequency Sessions, Retreats, House/Office clearings/blessings, various classes including Reiki, Weddings)

No one by themselves is a healer; Jodi Ann is a willing facilitator for healing of all types.

Wedding Officiant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Divine Messenger