--About Classes & Workshops

Up your company’s game by raising the vibration of your staff! Whether you’re in the service game or any other industry, having your employees know how to utilize energy is always a huge advantage! I have taught the original Usui Reiki for decades, with integrity, personal attention, and no shortcuts. Contact me to set up custom dates for classes. (In person or virtual)

CLASSES: (all classes are regularly held in Las Vegas but can be arranged in other cities and can be held over video chat)

Reiki -  Universal Life Force used for healing. It is pure & simple: no side effects, no contraindications, can add positive energy to any form of healing. All levels include 3 ceremonial attunements and a certificate.

       Level One - focuses on physical healing; learn to facilitate healing for yourself and others 4 hours   ($400)

       Level Two - focuses on mental/emotional; learn how to send healing energy remotely 6 hours ($600)

       Mastership - focuses on your Being (may involve spiritual evolution); open fully to being a channel for this energy; learn to teach Reiki - 30 hours   ($3000 - payment options available)

Guided Meditation - New to meditation? Find it hard to concentrate? Don't think you're doing it right? Come for a guided mediation and some pointers to take home with you to successfully meditate. Lower your blood pressure, sleep better, increase general ability to focus, feel peace, feel 'connected'...all with meditation! Start here!  $25/person. 

Intro to Chakra - Chakras are the energy centers within every one of us. Learn basic info on the properties of each chakra and how to become aware of them for healing - 90 minutes   ($75)

Intermediate Chakra Class - More than just basic info. Learn how to use the energy centers within you to heal and balance - 90 minutes ($75)

Chakra & Crystals Class - Learn about the power of crystals and how to incorporate them into Chakra healing and balancing. - 2 hours  ($200)

Modern Marketing for Lightworkers (Level 1) -  Current ways to define and promote your business - 2 hours ($125)

Modern Marketing for Lightworkers (Level 2) -  Time to create your logo & customize your specific marketing plan (2 hours - $125)

Angel Class for Kids - Very empowering workshop for children 13 & under. Encourages them to trust their intuition and to keep open communication with parents - 1 hour   ($50)

Advanced Crystals & Chakras  - Very in depth info on crystals, chakras, how to combine them while integrating Eastern & Western philosophies with principles of quantum physics for healing  - 4 hours   ($400)

Intuition Enhancement - Build your intuitive muscle; get to know your Divine Guides more intimately. Learn the difference between your thoughts and Divine messages - 2 hours   ($125)

Basic Massage (for the non-professional) Learn basic techniques and dos & don'ts for giving a relaxing massage - 2 hours   ($100)