Photo Gallery

Reiki with Animals

Even fish respond to Reiki

He swam across the bowl to receive more energy :)

Beautiful baby girl with shaken baby syndrome

She responded so well to Reiki!

Baby boy & his mother both receiving Reiki, what a beautiful connection between them!

I've had the honor of working with these fine people through their Reiki Mastership:

Marge Chambry Reiki Master 2003
Give-away went to a lucky winner
Reiki Master/Teachers JodiAnn & Bianca Smith

  2013 Pure Aloha Spring

Pure Aloha Fall 2012

Jennifer Harrington, Reiki Master 2005
Samantha Manrique, Reiki Master 2009
Maria Swallow, Reiki Master 2004
Camille Boyce, Reiki Master 2011
Bianca Smith, Reiki Master 2012
Shane Shiroma, Reiki Master 2012
Amy Ramos, Reiki Master 2012


   Reiki Masters' Convention 2016

 Reiki Masters' Convention 2015

Ryan Butterfield, Reiki Master 2012
Diana Ramos, Reiki Master 2012
Sandra Nehring, Reiki Master 2013
Kelli Krieger, Reiki Master 2014
Laura Castle, Reiki Master 2015
Tina Pinotti Berglund, Reiki Master 2016
Carley VanWattum, Reiki Master 2018
Yvonne Ramage, Reiki Master 2017
Catherine Marzilli, Reiki Master 2018
Samantha Torres, Reiki Master 2018
Cheryl Lawrence, Reiki Master 2018

Lucia Infante, Reiki Master 2021

Pet Expo May 2016


 Our Local Ronald McDonald House

Reiki Therapists Volunteering - Thank you!!

Shane, Sandra, Deanna

William Chamberlin, Larry Brisco,    Zachary & his mom,Jennifer.   Marlee Morgan,Christine Brisco,    They go home tomorrow! :)
JodiAnn, Deanna Knight
Jennifer Ornelas, Reiki Master 2018
Charlotte Beza, Reiki Master 2018

My First Wedding 4/8/16

       Reiki Share July 2015

Presenting $300+ worth of food gift cards to Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth for Thanksgiving Plastic Food Drive (donated by my generous clients!)

Reiki Share July 2018

Crystal Blue Workshops                   presents... "Inside Out"

Free Hugs @  the Bellagio

Reiki Masters' Convention 2014

Reiki Share Dec 2014

George & his mom Laura receiving Reiki

October 2014

Beautiful Hannah receiving Reiki
Beautiful Hannah receiving Reiki

Reiki Share Oct 2014

Reiki Shares 2013

Vanessa & kids sharing the love!

Reiki Shares 2012