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Hi, I'm JodiAnn, your healing & enlightenment facilitator.

I help you connect to your authentic self for deeper, more rewarding relationships and clarity of your life's best journey through Readings, Reiki, Retreats & Life Mastery Programs.

Reiki Master/Teacher since 1996 

Hundreds of students

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Services by JodiAnngel

  JodiAnngel@gmail.com      cell (203) 391-4060

Sessions:  Reiki Sessions

  Chakra Restore & Balance

                   Intuitive Readings

                   Shamanic Resets

                   Heightened Frequency Sessions

Classes:    Reiki (Level 1, Level 2, Master Level)

                  Healing with Crystals & Chakra

Retreats: Sedona every April & October

Stepping Intuit Life Mastery Program offered in 2 formats. Choose 12 week Virtual Program or Self Paced Online Course

Wedding Officiating

Sessions & Classes available virtually or in person

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Sessions $150/full hour Reiki Sessions

  Chakra Restore & Balance

                  Intuitive Sessions

                   Shamanic Resets

                   Heightened Frequency Sessions

Classes:    Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing art rediscovered by Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui

  Level 1 - $400 - focuses on physical healing; learn to facilitate healing for yourself and others 

- 4 hours

Level 2 - $600 - increases access to healing energy flow; focuses on mental/emotional; learn how to send healing energy long distance - 6 hours

Reiki   Master Level - $3000 (payment arrangements available) - focuses on your Being (may       involve spiritual evolution); open fully to being a channel for this energy; learn to teach Reiki - 30 hours (20 class hours + 10 hands on clinic hours)

Regular Individual Rates:            Corporate Individual Rates:         Corporate Group Rates:

Level 1 - $400             Level 1 - $350 Level 1 - $300pp

Level 2 - $600               Level 2 - $525 Level 2 - $450pp

Master - $3000 Master - $2650     Master - $2250pp 

Meditation Class - $100 - Learn about different types of meditation, experience soothing guided meditation for better focus, lower blood pressure, authentic connection to Inner Self (Creator/Source/God) - 1 hour

Sessions & Classes available virtually or in person

(available for individual sessions and parties)

Retreats: 4 days/3nights, all inclusive registration $2400 to Sedona (arrive the night before for no extra charge)

Wedding Officiating Packages - $50-$300  (+ travel expenses if applicable)

  $150/full hour

                               Regular business hours:  Mon-Fri  8am-6pm                         

                                            *Other times possibly available with additional After Hours fee of $50 

*$30 trip fee for me to come to you in Vegas area

*$60 no show/late cancellation fee (24 hours notice please to avoid this fee)

Reiki for animals $75/session at the animal's home ($100/2 pets in same visit)



(humans & animals) 

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing art. Universal Healing Energy is channeled for you to use for 

your own personal healing process. Reiki is non-invasive, safe and effective for all types of healing.

I have been a Reiki Master and Teacher since 1996. 

I have been blessed to successfully work with many people & animals over the years with a variety of conditions

*Cancer                          *High blood pressure       *Car accidents      *Surgery              *Depression                           *Sports injuries             *Stress/anxiety                  *MS                        *Pregnancy.        *Addictions                        *General well-being     *Chakra balancing             *and more

Animals need to be in their own environment to be most comfortable, so I come to them. The session takes place in their home, wherever they sleep the most so they can relax and allow the healing energy to flow. Sessions tend to be about 20 minutes, depending on the comfort of the animal. I've worked with cats, dogs, fish, lizards, horses, birds, (domestic & wild) & hummingbirds regularly and I'm definitely open to other species.

Reiki can bring comfort and healing to any condition! 

I am honored to work with you! 


Clearing a house, apartment, office or car can reset the space. A valuable process after life changes, when moving into a new place and when you're trying to sell a home. I use several processes to cleanse and bless your space including Reiki energy and smudging (Native American) leaving the space with only the best energy, feeling so fresh you'll notice the difference!

Small office 150sf - $60

Home <1800sf - $200

1800-3000sf - $300

3000-10000sf - $400

10,000+sf = $0.05/sf

Contact me to schedule your clearing/blessing of office space, vehicles, home, storage unit, etc.



(The Divine in me recognizes The Divine in you)

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Feel free to use the Positivity Awareness Ribbon anywhere/everywhere!! A positive outlook is what we all need especially in times like these!!



Your Healing & Enlightenment Facilitator

Reiki Master since 1996

Lifelong Divine Oracle & Reader

Modern Day Shaman

Jodi Ann has been a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher since 1996, after having been an LMT since 1991 (graduating from CT Center for Massage Therapy).  She is 9th generation in lineage from Dr. Usui who rediscovered the lost ancient Tibetan healing art of Reiki.  She relocated to Las Vegas in 2003, where she began giving Divinely guided readings and continued teaching Reiki for a living.  She has a deep connection with Divine Angelic Energy and has been teaching others to develop their awareness of their own Divine Connection for decades.  She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient; one of her gifts is to be able to help people introduce the mysteries of their own untapped powers into a mainstream way of life.

She was raised as a Catholic and also practices Buddhism. She believes that spirituality is about one's own personal relationship with God/Creator and that this is a very personal path for each of us. She is dedicated to helping people find their path through their own Divine intuition and experience. She has been a reverend of Universal Life Church since 2004.

In 2015 she became licensed in NV to legally perform weddings.

Her mission is to help people raise their vibration in a variety of ways.

Readings, Reiki sessions (humans & animals), Shamanic Resets, Heightened Frequency Sessions, Retreats, House/Office clearings/blessings, various classes including Reiki, Weddings

No one by themselves is a healer; Jodi Ann is a willing facilitator for healing of all types.

Originally from the east coast, JodiAnn was guided to move to Vegas in 2003 where she has been giving divinely guided readings and teaching Reiki ever since. She is deeply connected to angelic energy and her readings will give you the guidance you need whether it is regarding matters of the heart, financial, spiritual or a visit from the Great Beyond. JodiAnn also offers healing Reiki energy sessions that can provide the healing you need physically, emotionally or spiritually; and she teaches Reiki classes so you can become a healing practitioner.

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