Angels want to help us, but they will only step in when we ask for their help. 

(They respect us and won't interfere with our free will.)

We don't always need to know exactly which angel we should call on for which task, but here's a list of the 7 Arch Angels & their correlations:

Archangel Michael 

Protection, Protector of angels, men and earth

Chakra: throat

Day of Week: Sunday

Michael's Twin Flame: Archeia Faith

The 1st Ray (Blue Flame of Power, Will, Protection & Faith) is represented by Archangel Michael and Faith in The

Temple of Faith and Protection in the etheric realm over the Canadian Rockies, near Banff and Lake Louise, Canada

and extending over the border of the United States.


Illumination of consciousness, Highest teachings

Chakra: crown 

Day of Week: Monday

Twin Flame: Archeia Christine

The 2nd Ray (Yellow Flame of Illumination, Wisdom & Understanding) is represented by Archangel Jophiel

and Christine in the Retreat in the etheric realm south of The Great Wall near Lanchow north Central China.


Love & Gratitude, Tolerance, Adoration

Chakra: heart

Day of Week: Tuesday  

Twin Flame: Archeia Charity

The 3rd Ray (Pink Flame of Love, Adoration, Creativity & Compassion) is represented by Archangel Chamuel and Charity in the Retreat in the etheric realm over St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


Creativity & Visitation (the Announcer), he directs into your consciousness what you should be (own it!)

Chakra: root

Day of Week: Wednesday  

Twin Flame: Archeia Hope 

The 4th Ray (White Flame of Purity, Discipline & Harmony) is represented by Archangel Gabriel and Hope in 

The Retreat in the etheric realm between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, USA.


Consecration, Healing, Blessing with Highest Truths

Chakra: 3rd eye

Day of Week: Thursday

Twin Flame: Archeia Mother Mary

The 5th Ray (Green Flame of Truth, Healing, Abundance & Science) is represented by Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary in the Retreat of the Temple of the Sacred Heart in the etheric realm over Fatima, Portugal.


Ministry, carries the blessings of ministering power to all mankind

Chakra: solar plexus

Day of Week: Friday    

Twin Flame: Archeia Aurora

The 6th Ray (Ruby, Purple & Gold Flame of Peace, Ministration & Service) is represented by Archangel Uriel and

Aurora in the etheric realm over the Tatra Mountains, south of Krakow, Poland.


Invocation, Freedom, embodiment of mastery, speech & visualization

Chakra: sacral

Day of Week: Saturday

Twin Flame: Archeia Holy Amethyst

The 7th Ray (Violet Flame of Freedom, Ceremony, Mercy & Transmutation) is represented by Archangel 

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst in the "Temple of Purification" in the etheric realm over Cuba.

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Here are some DEFINITIONS so you can fully enjoy the impact of the list above:

Archangels are Angels that have passed certain initiations and gained the attainment of this rank in the hierarchy of the Angelic Hosts. 

Archeia are Twin Flames to the Archangels

Twin Flames - We all have a Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is our opposite, the being who was with us at creation, part of the whole, two halves representing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, yin and yang, Alpha and Omega. At the initial point of incarnation these two halves of the One are divided and sent out into this existence to evolve and grow to return as a perfected being to the Source. The driving force with a twin unit is re-union.         

Together each assists the other to come into their perfection. The higher the Twin Flames ascend, the more they unite and rejoin energetically. They become a greater working unit in service to humanity.

The 7 Rays represent the energy of God's radiating light which refracts into 7 different rays like the rainbow. All the different types of life we see on the Earth are very much uniquely and universally patterned according to what is termed the Vesica Pisces. This is an energy that is known as the Holy Spirit and it is literally the spiral that moves within a certain geometric proportion that is found in the energy of every single thing on Earth: from our DNA all the way into other forms - from stones to the relationship that is found in water and the atomic structure of life. All of that is patterned by a Divine imprint that is placed into life, esoterically that is know as God. The influences that bring those energies into the pattern also have a number of qualities to it - the 7 Rays. The energy of 7 goes all the way into our planet, for example we have 7 continents and 7 human races and 7 days of the week, etc - so it is a very interesting concept in relationship to esoteric psychology which applies these 7 rays as they express within life.  Just as the 7 Rays can be understood in relationship to color, they also have an application to relationships to the sound of the 7 tones of an octave and the qualities of geometric form. They can also be understood as virtues. All of these relationships enhance the energy of reality when it comes down to spirituality. When we use vibration, like in a church or in a mantram or in sound, when we're working with the vibration of healing, all of that implies a quality of healing that brings about a Divine order, brings about unification and enhances the Soulful quality of healing. When we pray or listen to music that is of right nature and right tone, when we listen and hear and speak and communicate and share in the right tone and the right vibration and the right energy - that brings about a healing energy around our environment. It heals and it also makes us discern and discriminate what is creating an imbalance, what vibration is off in relationship to the harmony that is brought out in Divine order. Every time we move toward Divine order and we better our situation and bring about right integrity, we become more sensitive - more able to witness what is wrong and fix it, rather than the weakness of thinking that it is what we deserve. All of the ability in life, all of everything in life is a prosperity given to us by God. There isn't anything that isn't offered by God, whether it be the fruits or the vegetables or the herbs or the trees or the animals or our life itself, everything is offered by God. How we deal with it in a positive way, with a good attitude and a serving way to help support  that reality is how we gain our virtues and the healing of the 7 Rays within us. Each vice such as impatience or vengeance or different types of hate or anger or suspicion all have opposite qualities of virtues of them that can be brought out through healing energy, through a quality and a science that is found in esoteric healing with the 7 Rays or the 7 colors or the 7 tones and the vibration of geomancy. (Geomancy is the art of Divination from configurations seen in a handful of earth thrown on the ground, or by interpreting lines or textures on the ground.)

There is a group of Ascended Masters representing the God Qualities (Solar Logos) of each of the 7 Rays for the purpose of evolutions of humanity called Chohans.

Solar Logos are represented by the 7 Rays for very in depth information on Solar Logos, see abundanthope.net 

Main sources used: shambalahealingtools.com, astrostar.com, templeofthepresence.org

Intuition Enhancement Class Manual by Jodi Ann