We are mindful of the sensitive issues involved, and can help you through this difficult process


Guardianships provide a necessary intervention for people who are no longer able to act on their own behalf. We are mindful of the sensitive issues involved. Let our knowledge and experience help you through this difficult and complicated process.


Guardianship is a legal procedure whereby someone is appointed to make personal and/or financial decisions for another person. Guardianships run the gamut, from parents seeking to make decisions for their adult special-needs children, to people looking to assist their aging parents. They also include having a special or temporary guardian appointed to make emergency medical decisions for an incapacitated patient lacking Advance Directives, or even to liberate an elder being unlawfully detained in an institution.

Having appeared before the Supreme Court of New York State regularly as counsel in guardianship cases -- in a variety of capacities, including as temporary guardian and as court evaluator -- we pursue justice on behalf of our clients.

Having litigated contested cases, as well as precedent-setting cases, from simple to complex cases, we'll fight for your rights and guide you through the sensitive choices that inevitably arise in guardianship matters.

We have represented clients in cases before the Supreme Court and Surrogate's Court of New York State, civil courts, and appellate courts. We have won precedent-setting cases in a variety of courts, and can assist you from inception to trial, and even appeal.

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