Actual Case Studies

Click below to view discussions of some of our actual cases (details have been changed to protect privacy) which demonstrate the solutions that are possible in the fields of law in which we concentrate


We help an elder confined to a hospital to vote by absentee ballot -- he clings to life until election day, when the candidate for whom he voted wins - Mr. Jones had seen it all in his 85 years, from Jim Crow to segregation to the Civil Rights Movement. So when he finally got the chance to vote for Obama, he was determined not to let his hospitalization stop him. To read about how we helped him fulfill his dream, click here.

We free elder unlawfully held by Nursing Home against his will so he can return home (published, precedent-setting case reported in New York Law Journal and other law publications) - John T was being held by a Nursing Home even though there was no medical or legal reason to justify the detention. The Nursing Home refused to release John T even after he, his daughter, and our law firm demanded his discharge. To read about how we secured his release (and access a copy of the Court Decision), click here.

We set up retroactive Supplemental Needs Trust ("SNT") within a Guardianship Proceeding - Theresa, a woman in her mid-50's, needed help (1) taking care of herself, and (2) paying her expenses, and (3) getting the medical care she required. Problem is, a few months ago, she inherited a modest amount of assets -- just enough to disqualify her from receiving her government benefits if not sheltered in an SNT. To read about how we found a solution that solves all these problems, click here.

We protect elder terrorized by his mentally ill daughter, thus stopping the abuse, while arranging for the daughter to get psychiatric attention - When Mr. Harris called us for help, he was stressed out and fearful. His daughter was having delusions, threatening him, and destroying things around the house. To read about how we got an Order of Protection in place, while arranging for Court-mandated psychiatric care for her, click here.

Coming soon:

We bring Guardianship Proceeding so that sham "marriage" is annulled and financial abuse is halted where elder was exploited by his housekeeper-health care aide

After we win multi-day trial, thereby stopping coop board's eviction proceeding, disabled senior is able to stay in her home and keep the dog that she needs for therapeutic reasons

We eliminate 80% of Medicaid Lien so that family can sell home and keep majority of the proceeds

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