How We Can Help

With a team approach, and input from people of different disciplines, we provide you with answers, solutions, and reassurance when you need them most


From explaining how the law applies to your situation, to planning, document drafting, transactions and litigation, we provide high-quality legal advice and representation that fits with each client's goals and needs.


You worked hard to get where you are. Along the way, you took care of others, too. But is your future protected to keep you there? At our office, we understand the legal issues facing people today. That's why our practice is devoted to protecting the lives and legacies of our clients.

We understand that, when you come to us, you are confused, you feel stressed, and you have lots of questions. We also understand how important the fields of law in which we concentrate are to our clients. The decisions we help them make affect the assets they may have taken a lifetime to accumulate, and go to the very core of their lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones. We help to make sure that you, or your parent, or your child, are taken care of. Maintaining dignity and giving you peace of mind. Along the way, we strive to preserve your assets and protect them from things like taxes and losses. That way there is more to pass on to future generations.

As a small community-based law firm that takes full advantage of its extensive network of contacts and resources in New York, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: the knowledge and resources often associated with large law firms, together with the personal attention that only a small law firm can give.