Advocacy & Litigation

We are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced advocates


We can advise and represent you in all kinds of forums and disputes.


Having litigated in state and federal courts, including precedent-setting cases and appeals, we are experienced and passionate advocates. We can advise and represent you in all kinds of disputes, including court actions, administrative proceedings, fair hearings, and appeals. We can even help you avoid lawsuits or settle disputes without litigation.

Litigation: Elder Advocates The Law Office of Jim D. Sarlis considers elder advocacy a serious responsibility. That's why we pursue and utilize all criminal and civil avenues through which the legal system can halt and punish elder abusers. Driven by this promise, we are not afraid to follow a case, wherever it may lead.

In fact, we have regularly represented clients in cases before the Supreme Court and Surrogate's Court of New York State, civil courts, and appellate courts. Whether the case involves financial exploitation of an elder, verbal or physical abuse, bed sores or other neglect, or unlawful detention by a nursing home or other institution, we can provide the guidance and representation you need.

Litigation: Generally Our litigation services go beyond abuse cases and into other important areas including real estate matters, recovery of property, large estate matters, and distribution of assets. When we represent you in court, we don't take our eye off the goal -- positive verdicts with recovery of damages wherever possible. We have won precedent-setting cases in a variety of courts, and can assist you from inception to trial, and even appeal. Our extensive litigation experience also helps you avoid litigation, as well. By knowing what could come up and what to avoid, we have a better perspective when drafting documents or guiding you to better choices. This can put you in a stronger position and help you steer clear of potential problems.

Guardianship: Guardianships provide a necessary intervention for people who are no longer able to act on their own behalf. Having appeared before the Supreme Court of New York State regularly as counsel in guardianship cases, we pursue justice on behalf of our clients.

Having litigated contested cases, as well as precedent-setting cases, from simple to complex cases, we'll fight for your rights and guide you through the sensitive choices that arise in guardianship matters.

Whether prosecuting a case, or defending, we will give you the representation to protect your rights and the guidance to make the choices that are best for your particular situation.

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