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What is Medicare and how do I use it? Entertaining, informative and easy to understand video explaining Medicare and its Parts A, B, C, and D

Medicaid Planning, Elder Law, and qualifying for Medicaid Interesting, informative video by Virginia Certified Elder Law Attorney provides good summary and worthwhile viewing for New Yorkers*

Elder Abuse This video discusses and defines examples of Elder Abuse, as well as warning signs to look for.

Obama announces $15 Billion to Medicaid President announces on 2/23/09 that $15 Billion of Stimulus money is going towards Medicaid

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys advocates more protection of elders in Nursing Homes NAELA advocates more protection for elders in the #1 choice for long term care

Senior Church Choir sings rap, hip hop Seniors sing well-known songs by Eminem, MC Hammer, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc. (Oddly entertaining, especially the finale -- over one million views on YouTube)

Kooky grandparents make funky blues video for their grandson's 18th birthday Who says seniors can't be funny and embarrassing ...

The Credit Crisis Visualized - Parts 1 and 2 Graphics visually explaining credit crisis simply and clearly (over one million views on YouTube)

Estate Planning, Trusts, Gift Tax - 3 Part Series California attorney (a Fellow of the American College of Trusts and Estates) discussing: Estate planning concepts; revocable and irrevocable trusts; gifts, their tax implications, and how to use them to benefit your estate plan*

This series consists of three videos:

- Estate Planning Basics

- Trusts

- Gift Tax

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan Obama transition team experts discuss the plan and how it works (as of January 8, 2009)

Fred Thompson on the Economy Hilarious summary of the state of the economy and the measures being taken to fix it, dripping with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Regardless of your political leanings, you should find this very engaging and thought-provoking. (As of December 2008)

Trying to spend our way out of our current economic crisis "is like telling a fat guy the way to lose weight is to eat more donuts ..."

Guardianship of an adult: The Guardianship Project Video by The Guardianship Project explains Guardianship and the work of the project

Guardianship of a Minor LawInfo video explains Guardianship of a minor

How to give someone Power of Attorney LawInfo video explains Powers of Attorney

Real Estate Transactions in New York This video series answers many of the common questions people have about real estate transactions. This series consists of three videos:

- Why you need a lawyer

- Closing costs

- Comparing mortgages

Foreclosures: 5 Part Series This series of five videos by VideoJug explains the foreclosure process, alternatives available, and surviving the aftermath of foreclosure

This series consists of five videos:

- Avoiding Foreclosure

- Foreclosure Terms You Should Know

- Foreclosure Step by Step

- Foreclosure - Alternative Solutions

- Surviving Foreclosure

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* Consult a New York trusts & estates/elder law attorney to review your particular situation.

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