Business Planning

From forming your business, and putting agreements in place, to the transfer of your business, we offer the guidance you need


In business, the smallest detail can stall growth and cause business disaster. As part of our business legal services, we can provide guidance at every step, from creating a business to asset liquidation.


We can form your business entity, draft your business documents, and help you with the transfer of your business. We can also provide legal assistance in matters involving real estate, taxation, and commercial litigation as they relate to your business.

Are you forming a new business? Do you need guidance with your business agreements and other documents? Are you buying, selling, financing, or transferring a business?

We can help you decide whether to form a corporation or other legal entity. We can help you buy or sell a business. We are also ready to draft all kinds of business documents, including shareholder, partnership, voting trust, employment, or other business agreements.

Let us review and evaluate transactions with your interests in mind.

We also provide legal assistance on matters involving real property, and taxation. We are experienced in commercial litigation, as well. The Law Office of Jim D. Sarlis can also help transfer a business to another family member.

We are ready to provide the legal protection for your business in today's precarious market.

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