Sea of Japan, Strait of Corea, Broughton bay(East Korean gulf/sea), Yellow Sea, East Sea=East China Sea. 日本海呼称問題

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日本海呼称問題:Japanese 日本語 ホーム

Sea of Japan
is globally established standard name.
We had been using this global standard name over 200 years and the name had been prevailed all over the world, on the World Map and Chart, hydrographic reports and magazines.  Unification of global standard name enable to avoid confusion of  geography information.

 These days fascist South Korean who brainwashed ethno-centristic offensive education in their country, Korean distorts to claim that the name of Sea of Japan is originates from the legacy of  Japan's Imperialism and Korean annexation of 1910.  But, it is completely distorted propaganda by South Korean, which are aimed for anti-Japan brainwash propaganda.

The fact is that the name of "Sea of Japan" is the result of Ages of Voyage of discovery and Expedition around Sea of Japan e.g. La Perouse, R.W.Broughton ,and I.Krusenstern and improvement of hydrographc studies information by their experiences. To denial the naming of Sea of Japan means ignoring and denial of those explorer's experience and efforts, process ,and  history.

We dont need to change the definition of Sea of Japan. Korean claims is nonsense and filled up with distorture.  I will advice Korean who believe brainwash propaganda. Korean should rename it the East Sea today's TongJoseonman東朝鮮湾(East Korean Gulf).a.k.a Broughton Bay, or just east coast of Korean peninsula  to "East "Korean" Sea"  if they want.  Broughton Bay or East Korean Gulf is just a one part of Sea of Japan.

Sea of Japan; Globally hidrographic Standard name on IHO, GEBCO, and USBGN standard.

Only Korean claims the name of Sea of Japan with distorted story.
Koreans claims with distorture that "Sea of Japan" is original from Colonial or expansionism name.You can easily realize the process of being international standard of Sea of Japan.

defenition of "Sea of Japan"

How the "Sea of Japan" become global standard name on hydrographic studies?
Checking those process you can understand the name of "Sea of Japan" is never Colonialist name and you can find Korean claims is filled up with distorture.

European arrival on China and Japan, Age of Voyage. Various name. Mer Cin, Ocean Orientales, Mer du Japon(Sea of Japan.)
Ortelius Map and Ilha de Japon , Korea was not on the map.

Oriental Sea - no concreted concept or definiation.Oriental Sea was just a rough and vague concept name around Japan islets  and it was used just a temporary, in addition,  it is not established place of name.

Gonzalez de Mendosas  -Historia de las cosa mas notables, ritos, y costumbres del gran Regno de la chinia (1585)
Gonzarez Mendusa, Ignaccio Moreilla ,Venetian maps and Sea Of Japan

Mateo Ricci and Sea of Japan (1602)

Du Halde and D'anville. 1720's-1780's Various name, No name, Sea of Corea, Oriental Sea, Sea of Japan and so on.
The new Geographic knowledge and information by French missionary ,bring back from  China gives huge impact of geopgraphic studies in Europe.  So the Map become more rich improvement which Korea got to be recognized as a peninsula than Orterius's designs map which recognized it is an island. On this era, temporary the name of "Sea of Corea" increasing the number. but. at the same time the name of "Sea of Japan " also used in various maps.

Age of Voyage of Discovery around Sea of Japan  1780-1830 Sea of Japan become global standard.

Checking the "place of name" by explorers and navigators who they sail around Sea of Japan and coast of Corea, e.g. La Perouse, Broughton, Basil hall, Gazlef, and so on.
Their report established the global standard name of "the Sea of Japan" and "Strait of Corea". In addition, they established the name of Broughton bay-Korean Gulf
The name of "Sea of Corea"had mostly been extinct around 1820-30's.


Pilot ,Hidrographic magazine ,and Admiraly Chart 、Geography gazette and Sea of Japan, Strait of Corea, and Brougthon bay. 1850's~

It is already established each hydrographic studies place of name e.g. Sea of Japan, Strait of Korea, and Broughton Bay.
They succeed the recognization of those explorer's expression of the sea of Japan around 1780-1830's and the name of "Sea of Corea"had finally been disappear, on 1850's when hydrographic magazines become rich in information.
On 1883 Japan-Joseon trade treaty desrcibes "Korean sea" as sea of Japan? -
it is no. The Korean Sea in the treaty means "Korean Coast", not the Sea of Japan today.

Korean use the name of "Sea of Japan" before annexation "

by their choice without being forced by Japan
The improvement of modern geographic studies prevail on East Asia including Japan, China and Korea. Korea also accept those result of improvement of geographic studies of "Sea of Japan".
Korean use the name of "Sea of Japan" in various Geography textbooks, magazines, and reports on 1880-1910, which is ofcourse before Japanese annexation of Korea with Japan-Korea annexation treaty on 1910.

Global Standard maps of Hydrographic name;

International organization related to Hydrogeographic studies, they only use " Japan" name on Sea of Japan.
Ofcourse "East Sea" is not authorised name.

Ocean name on the GEBCO hydrographic chart from 1904-2004
Ediition (year)
 East(China) Sea
 Yellow Sea Str of Korea
 Broughton bay
 Sea of Japan
GEBCO vol.1 (1904)
 nil nil nil nil Bassin du Japon
GEBCO vol.2(1912-27) Mer de Cin Orientale.
 Mer Jaune Det de Tsushima nil Mer Du Japon
GEBCO vol.3 (1932-55?)
 GEBCO vol.4 (?)
GEBCO vol.5 (1979)
 East China Sea
 nil Japan Sea
GEBCO vol.6 (2004)
 East China Sea
 nil         nil Sea of Japan
 View a larger version of the GEBCO world map (JPEG form): full resolution (32.5 MB) or reduced resolution (3.6 MB)

S-23 IHO (International Hydrogrpahics Organization): Sea of Japan

USGN BGN Standards.Serch Englie of BGN Standard/Conventonal/Variant]
 BGN Standard East China Sea Yellow Sea
 Japan Sea
 BGN Conventional   Str of Korea  
 Variant Tokai Tunghee Tunghai,
  Tsushima StrBroughton Bay
East Korean Gulf
Korean Gulf

(original east sea)
 East Sea

By the way, United States announced it is only Sea of Japan which United States will use for the sea.

For the people who got being claimed and being Spammed by revisionist/fascist Korean Spamming group VANK:
You should safe to use the map of those S-23 or USBGN standard recognization of Sea of Japan map.
Korean claim "east sea" is unofficial or unconventional name and it makes more confusion of the order of hydrographics.

Antique Map Digital Archive survey result for Sea of Japan, Strait of Corea and Broughton Bay.
(Check Excel file inside each links)
Korean always distorts there are maore East Sea description than Sea of Japan, is distorted story.

By me
Frequently updated the summery of survey reults
By Japanese govement
It explains Sea of Japan is already established before annexation of Korea in 1910. It was early 19th century.
2002.10-2003.06 The study of maps possessed by the British Library and the University of Cambridge

2003.10-2004.01 The study of maps possessed by the Bibliotheque Nationale de France
2004.12-2005.03 The study of maps possessed by the United States Library of Congress
2006.11-2007.02 The study of maps in the Russian Federation
2007.12-2008.03 The study of maps in Germany

MOFA: The issue of Sea of Japan
Map Survey results incruded.

Japan Coast Guard; Naming of Japan Sea

Website for reserch on Sea of Japan, or Takeshima Liancourt Rocks

International Hygrographic Organization.

Templates Please advice your antique map information which you found.

Sea of Japan Video

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