Image by Reiko OKUYAMA (Winter Days, 2003)

The aim of this project is to assemble complete filmographies and bibliographic information for women working behind the scenes in the Japanese film and television industry. From the director's chair to in-betweening work for anime, Japanese women have made great contributions to Japanese filmic culture and deserve more recognition for their achievements. It is my great hope that this wiki will assist researchers looking for more information about Japanese filmmakers, cinematographers, art directors, script girls, animators, and more.

Project leader:

Catherine Munroe Hotes

  • PhD in Film and Visual Culture (University of Exeter, UK)
  • specialist in Film and Poetry (film poetics, film as poetry, the influence of cinema on poetry)
  • specialist in Japanese Art Animation/Japanese independent and experimental animation
  • author of Nishikata Film Review

Contributors to this site:

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  • surveys women filmmakers of Japan, starting with the first, Tazuko SAKANE (1936)
  • also includes alayses of the works and careers of Yukiko AWAYA, Yoko NARAHASHI, Toshie TOKIEDA, Sumio HANEDA, Hiroko SEKIGUCHI, Hiroko KUMAGAI, Mako IDEMITSU, Shiori KAZAMA, Takako SAKAMOTO, Junko MIURA, Utake KOGUCHI, Mai TOMINAGA, Kinuyo TANAKA, among others.
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