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9. We create our own mushroom recipe.

Today we are going to create our own mushroom recipe.
Activity 1: Look the presentation about the food´s vocabulary.
Activity 2: Find the cooking verbs with the meaning in spanish.

Cooking Verbs

add - añadir

bake - hornear

beat - batir

boil - hervir

chop - picar

cook - cocinar

cool - enfriar

cut - cortar

fry - freír

grate - gratinar, moler, rayar

grill - asar

melt - derretir

mix - mezclar

peel - pelar

pour - echar, servir

slice - rebanar

steam - cocinar a vapor

stir - menear, revolver

Activity 3: Play `Simon says´:

  • You will use the words `Simon says´ + verb + food.
  • Examples: Simon says  peel potatoes. Simon says mix the oil and vinegar.
  • The game will finish when somebody repeats some sentence.
  • You can play in groups.
Activity 4: Make you own recipe of mushroom.
  • You will make a presentation with your recipe in gdocs.
  • You can use the recipe´s books and this webpage http://mushroominfo.com/recipes/
  • You will use the cooking verbs and the food´s vocabulary.
  • Here you can see an example.

  • This presentation will be the final task which you will include in your GUIDE OF A GOOD MYCOLOGIST.