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5. Mushrooms and toadstools in the world.

ACTIVITY 1a: Write with your own words, what you know about the mushrooms and toadstools in the world (shape, size, color...etc)

ACTIVITY 1b: In the following website you will find a list of lot of toadstool with the English name and the scientific name. What you have to do is choose one and then answer to these point in a message in the padlet.
  • As a title: your name.
  • A photo of the toadstool.
  • Scientific name in Latin and Common name in English. 
  • Where you can find this toadstool.   (You will find this information in the parts called: Distribution and habitat) 
                     Wikipedia. Category: Fungi of Europe

We will send you the link of the padlet to upload into your GUIDE OF A GOOD MYCOLOGIST. 

Activity 2: Look and understand this presentation. Then, make the activities in the PDI with all the class.
Attributes of toadstools presentation
Activity 3: Make the crosswords:


Activity 4: Draw a toadstool and write the differents parts and their function.
  • You are going to draw in a A4.
  • You are going to explain the differents parts (Cuticle, cap, hymenophore, annulus, stem, volva)
  • You are going to include a picture about your draw in your GUIDE of A GOOD MYCOLOGIST.