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2. What is the fungi kingdom?

Activity 1: Listen and understand the video. Make the final activities.
Activity 2: Write the definition of fungi kingdom:
    Fungi are ...
Activity 3: Make the crossword.
Activity 4: Listen and understand the video. Select the historic facts which appear in the video.
Activity 5: Make a time-line with the historic facts of the Fungi Kingdom respect to the humanity.
  • You write about the historic facts (You can do it in groups, pairs or individually):
    • Historic fact: Write the name.
    • Description: Describe the historic fact.
    • Date: write the date of the historic fact.
    • Video or picture: search and put a picture or a video from internet.
We are going to use a COOPERATIVE LEARNING tecnique to create the group timeline. We are going to use LET'S SPIN THE SHEET.