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3. What are these mushrooms?

Do you remember the definition of the Fungi kingdom?
Activity 1: Order the words to write the definition of the Fungi kingdom.
Activity 2: Look at the slides and answers the questions.

If you want to know more you would go to http://myas.info/educacion/materiales.php in the number 3 "The life of macroscophic or higher fungi".
Activity 3: Explain the life and macroscophic fungi with your own words (the last slide of the presentation)
  • You explain this making a video.
  • First remember, you will make a script (Start, nub, ending). When you will finish the script, you will use the script to rec the video.
    • START : Hello , our name are ....
    • NUB : 
      • We are going to explain ...
      • There are two differents types of reproduction:
        • Fungi ...asexually.
        • Fungi...sexually.
      • Toadstools...
      • Depending on the way they feed, fungi are classified into:
        • Saprophyte...
        • Mycorrhizal...
        • Parasitic...
        • The differences between them are ...
    • ENDING: 
      • We hope you understand and you like it. Bye-bye.
  • You use the http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ to make the video.
  • When you will finish, you have to show me the video.
    • TITLE: The life of macroscophic or higher fungi (Group...) Y5A or Y5B.
    • Description: The life of macroscophic or higher fungi (Names) Y5A or Y5B.
    • Tags: colsangregorio, redxxi, Science Y5, mycologist project.
  • This will be the final task of this lesson. You will include the video in your Guide of the good mycologist. We will do the Guide of the good mycologist in WIX.