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6. Classification of the families

Today we are going to be scientists.
We will learn to classify and study the families of fungi kingdom (macroscophic fungi).
What will you use?
  • Using books.
  • Using your own experiences.
  • Using resources to internet.
How will you do this?
You are going to work in groups (3 or 4 children)
Activity 1: Make the crossword to review the different parts of a toadstool.

Activity 2: Read and understand these slides.

Activity 3: Watch this video:

Activity 4: Have you guessed the families' name? In groups, you make a mind map (using popplet) which you will explain three or four families. Each family has got a main characteristic (remember the parts of a toadstool)
  • You use the video, the books and the presentations to obtain the information.
  • When your group has finished the mind map, each group has to make a video explaining the three or four families.
  • Remember make a script and each member's group must speak in the video.
  • Remember the script has START, NUB and END. 
  • You use http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ to record the video.
    • TITLE: Families of macroscophic fungi Group (number) Y5(A or B)
    • DESCRIPTION: Families of macroscophic fungi Group (number) Y5(A or B). Your names.
    • TAGS: colsangregorio, mycologist project, redxxi, Science Y5.
  • The video will be the final task which you will include in your GUIDE OF A GOOD MYCOLOGIST.