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10. How do we pick the mushrooms and the toadstools?

Today we are going to make our Mycologist´s decalogue.
We will learn how you use the MUST or MUSTN´T.
Activity 1: Go to the page 54 of your activity book and understand the use of MUST and MUSTN´T. Make the activity 1.
Activity 2: Open the webpage and make the activities.
Activity 3: Watch the presentation and make the activities.
Activity 4: Make the presentation about your Mycologist´s decalogue.
  • You will make the presentation in gdocs.
  • This presentation will be the final task which you will include in your GUIDE OF A GOOD MYCOLOGIST.
  • In this presentation you must make the first slide with the title of the presentation, your names and the classroom.
  • An example: