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1. Classification of the living things.

Living things are classified into five kingdoms.
In this year we are going to study the differences between the five kingdoms (animal, plant, fungi, algae and protozoa and bacteria).
Actitity 1: Match the characteristics with their kingdom.

Activity 2: Make a diagram with the characteristics of the five kingdoms and put examples (pictures).
  • Before creating your mind map, it would be great to learn a bit information about the five kingdoms. For that purpose we are going to use this COOPERATIVE LEARNING TECHNIQUE. 

Activity 3: Using your diagrams to explain the differences between the five kingdoms.
  • You explain this making a video.
  • First you make a script (Start, body, ending). When you will finish the script, you will use the script to rec the video.
    • START: Hello , our names are ....
    • BODY: 
      • We are going to explain the differences between the five kingdoms in this video.
      • The five kingdoms are ...
      • Each kingdom has got different characteristics.
      • Animal kingdom's characteristics are...
      • Plant kingdom's characteristics are...
      • Fungi kingdom's characteristics are...
      • Algae and protozoa kingdom's characteristics are...
      • Bacteria kingdom's characteristics are...
      • The differences between the five kingdoms are...
    • ENDING: 
      • We hope you understand and you like it. Bye-bye.
  • You use http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ to record the video. Upload the video to VIMEO.
    • TITLE: The five kingdoms Group (number or name) Year 5(A or B)
    • DESCRIPTION: The five kingdoms Group (number or name) Year 5(A or B)
    • TAGS: colsangregorio, mycologist project, redxxi, Natural Science Year 5.
  • When you will have finished, you have to show it to the teacher. 
  • This will be the final task of this lesson. You will include the video and the diagrams in your Guide of the good mycologist. We will do the Guide of the good mycologist in WIX.