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Baking Teams and Processing

Monthly Packings (January - October)
We have three teams with approximately 60 bakers on each team. Each team has two co-captains.  Baking team members are asked to bake 10 dozen cookies for their team's month packing which is every three months.  In addition, we have a list of subs that can be called if we have more cookie requests than the team can fill. 
Along with the cookies we also enclose comfort items and letters to the soldiers.   The letters of encouragement and support express how much those serving are appreciated by us back home and how proud we are of them.
Note:  We do not mail any boxes in December
Holiday Cheer Packings (November)
We also ask all bakers to bake for the Holiday cookie packing in November.   Church groups, youth organizations, schools, etc. are also recruited to bake for the holiday shipment.  In 2015 we shipped 201 boxes containing 30,743 cookies.  Postage was $3,195.90.
A separate Holiday Cheer packing containing snacks and comfort items is also shipped in November.  In 2015, 115 boxes were shipped and postage was $5,659,05.
Processing Outline:
Recipient list
  • Review number of team members and if more cookies are expected, i.e., additional group(s) baking cookies - estimate how many boxes can be sent.
  • Request names based on cookie estimate from Jeanette Cram
  • Final list is created and mailing labels generated. 
  • List is sent to group member(s) who manually complete a custom form for each box recipient
Prepacking (small team comes in the day before)
  • Boxes are built and prepped with a magazine, cards and/or calendar and layer of shredded paper
  • Comfort items are sorted for each box
  • Bags of shredded paper placed by tables for packers 
  • Tables are set up for packing. 
  • Labels are associated with custom forms
Packing Day
  • Cookies are counted before packing begins - boxes are packed with 10 dozen cookies, comfort items, letters added - if more cookies come in than estimate, more boxes are buildt to send
  • Boxes are sealed; mailing label attached and custom form taped on box
  • Packed boxes loaded and taken to the Post Office for processing