Who we are

Katrin Lohan

Amanda Cercas-Curry (PhD student)

Xinnuo Xu (PhD student)

Interaction Lab Alumni:

Simon Keizer
, Ph.D.(moved to Uni Brussels)

Mary Ellen Foster Ph. D. (moved to Glasgow Uni)
Ioannis Efstathiou, Ph. D. (now at Chatterbox Labs)
 Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht
Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht, Ph.D. (Visiting Researcher)

Dimitra Gkatzia, Ph.D. (now faculty at Napier Uni)

Nina Dethlefs , Ph.D. (now faculty at Hull Uni)

Zhuoran Wang, Ph. D. (Toshiba, Cambridge Research Lab, then Baidu, then Trio.ai)

Paul A. Crook, Ph.D. (moved to Microsoft, Seattle)

Heriberto Cuayáhuitl, Ph.D. (now faculty at Lincoln Uni)

Alyssa Alcorn (moved to Edinburgh Uni, PhD)
Elaine Farrow
Elaine Farrow (now at Edinburgh Uni)
Eshrag Refaee (PhD student- now faculty at Jazaan Uni)

Helen Hastie, Ph.D. (Professor)

Xingkun Liu, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Jekaterina Novikova, Ph.D, Research Associate

Yanchao Yu (Research Assistant) 

Shubham Agarwal (PhD student)
Karin Sevegnani (PhD student)

Arash Eshghi, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Christian Dondrup, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Ondrej Dusek (Research Associate)

Yiannis Papaioannou (PhD student/Research Assistant) 

Jose Part (PhD student)

Igor Shalyminov (PhD student)