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Mary Ellen Foster, Ph.D (Research Fellow)

Simon Keizer, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Zhuoran Wang, Ph.D. (Research Associate)

Nina Dethlefs , Ph.D. (Research Associate)

Arash Eshghi, Ph.D. (Research Associate)

Wenshuo Tang (PhD student)

Sandra McArthur (Research Support Officer)

Interaction Lab Alumni:

Paul A. Crook, Ph.D. 

Elaine Farrow
Elaine Farrow

Helen Hastie, Ph.D. (Reader)

Verena Rieser (Lecturer)
Verena Rieser, Ph.D. (Lecturer)

Srini Janarthanam, Ph.D. (Research Associate)

Xingkun Liu, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Heriberto Cuayáhuitl, Ph.D. (Research Fellow)

Yanchao Yu (Research Assistant) 

Dimitra Gkatzia (PhD Student)

Ioannis Efstathiou (PhD Student)

Eshrag Reafee (PhD student)

About Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University (HWU)

HWU is a technology-oriented university in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. HWU was founded as the Edinburgh School of Arts in 1821 and was granted its royal university charter in 1966. It has a focus on science, engineering, technology, business, and management.

The CS department is part of the School for Mathematical and Computing Sciences (MACS). CS has been taught at HWU since the 1960s, and carries out research in all main areas of computing, including artificial intelligence, logical foundations, virtual reality, and embedded systems. From 1992- 2002, HWU CS participated in over 25 EU-funded projects. Since 2002, HWU CS  has been awarded over 20 further EU-funded research grants.