SICSA MMI workshop, friday 17th June 2011

Theme: Affective Interaction and Virtual Characters

LOCATION: MACS, Heriot-Watt University, room 2.33 Earl Mountbatten Building

Friday 17th June 2011

9.15 coffee/welcome : Oliver Lemon, HWU : SLIDES

9.30-10.15 session 1: Robin Sloan and colleagues -45 min

* Believable emotional agents, and story-driven interactive characters

(University of Abertay)

10.15-11.00 session 2:ECHOES Oliver Lemon and Alyssa Alcorn - 45 min

* The ECHOES project: Technology-Enhanced Learning with virtual

characters (Heriot-Watt / Edinburgh / Dundee / Strathclyde)

11.00 - 11.15 COFFEE

11.15 - 11.45 session 3: KINECT (30 min) - M Kriegel and Xingkun Liu

* The Kinect controller: APIs and tutorial (Heriot-Watt University) : SLIDES

11.45 - 12.30: session 4: LIREC , Ruth Aylett - 45 min

* The LIREC project: digital and interactive companions (Heriot-Watt

University) - with demo in lab : SLIDES

12.30 LUNCH

1.30 -2.00 session 5 : Help4Mood, Maria Wolters and Helen Hastie -

30 min

* The Help4Mood project: virtual characters for healthcare (Edinburgh

University and HWU)

2 - 2.30 session 6 - David Benyon - 30 min

* The Companions project. 'Appropriate dialogues for human-companion

relationships' (Napier University): SLIDES

2.30- 3.00 Workshop : Digital Story Lab (HWU) - Sandy Louchart, 30 min

"Narrative engagement - Could we quantify affective responses to narrative experiences?"

3.00 coffee

3.30 Open discussion of emerging research themes.

* Future collaborations and new funding opportunities

Participants List

Xingkun Liu (HWU)

Ruth Aylett (HWU)

David Benyon (Napier University)

Simon Keizer (HWU)

Zhuoran Wang (HWU)

Sandy Louchart (HWU)

Oliver Lemon (HWU)

Michael Kriegel (HWU)

Maria Wolters (Edinburgh University)

Alyssa Alcorn (HWU)

Robin Sloan (Abertay University)

Malcolm Cook (Abertay University)

Santiago Martinez (Abertay University)

Chris Martin (Abertay University)

Brian Robinson (Abertay University)

Peter van der Watt (Blazing Griffin)

Aurora Constantin (Edinburgh University)

Helen Pain (Edinburgh University)

Leslie Ball (Abertay University)

Judy Robertson (HWU)

Elaine Farrow (HWU)

Iain Wallace (HWU)

Mary Ellen Foster (HWU)

Nick Taylor (HWU)

Allan Weallans (HWU)

Elizabeth Bell (Edinburgh University)

Roger Rist (HWU)

Theo Lim (HWU)

Ying Liu (HWU)

Notes on future directions discussion:

1. Evaluation methods for affective interfaces: development of metrics, using multimodal sensing, "sensors everywhere" environments....

2. Use of KINECT for novel multimodal interfaces e.g. inclusive technologies

3. Scottish project on "Next-generation Interactive Storytelling" - collaboration on a new FACADE-like system.