2018: We organised the 2018 SICSA workshop on Conversational AI, 12/12/2018

2017: We organised the 2017 Year of Robotics at Heriot-Watt.

2016: We organised INLG 2016 in Edinburgh - International conference on Natural Language Generation

2015: We organised the 1st Workshop on Data-to-text Generation and the workshop on Spatial Reasoning and Interaction for Real-World Robotics at IROS 2015.

2012: Get SET Challenge, 18th April: 120 school kids design iPhone apps for the Olympics

2011: SICSA Multimodal Interaction workshop, 17th June 2011

2011: ECHOES project at ESRC Festival of Social Science, 11th january

Friday March 4th: Tommy the robot visits Stockbridge Primary School.